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Published at 25th of July 2020 10:30:15 PM
Chapter 1667

The man had given much thought to this matter and had arranged everything required . All they needed to do was take a picture and get a stamp on their document .

 After taking the photograph, the two sat at the reception desk .

 The lady officer, who was processing their nuptial document, looked at Yun Shishi and could not help wondering if she had come willingly .

 She did not dwell on it for long, though, so as not to appear nosy . However, just as the officer moved to stamp their document, the fossilized woman suddenly reacted like a little puppy . Reaching out her hands, she tightly grabbed the officer’s hand with the stamp in it and shouted, “Wait!”

 Her shout startled all the officers present . Stunned, they looked up dumbly and asked, “What… What happened?”

 Look; this must be a forced marriage to warrant such a strong reaction!

 It was then that she regained her composure . Blinking her eyes, she felt a cold shudder running down her spine . She turned her head rigidly to look behind her and caught sight of the man’s sullen and angry look .

 Her exclamation had gotten everyone’s attention . They stared at the couple curiously and started gossiping among themselves in hushed voices .

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 Dead . I’m dead…

 Just then, she had unconsciously caught hold of the officer’s hand . Somehow, as she watched the stamp in her hand coming down on the paper, bewildering thoughts assaulted her mind together at once!

 She did not expect herself to react in this manner, too . Her hand moved in a moment of agitation!

 “What happened, lady comrade? Why aren’t you saying something?”

 She responded this time . Glancing at the man beside her, she asked seriously, “Have you considered this carefully?”

 His expression changed momentarily .

 “Have you thought it through seriously? Are you going to spend the rest of your life with me?”

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 She’s probably lacking a sense of security!

 Happiness had come too suddenly for her, so much so that she was too scared to believe the good news or to receive it with open arms .

 The man furrowed his brows . “Are you regretting it now?”

 This d*mn woman!

 Hasn’t she agreed readily to my proposal?!

 Don’t tell me she’s regretting it now?!

 She sipped her lips wryly . “I’m afraid you’ll regret your decision!”

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 She was afraid that she would lose the happiness she had now!

 She feared for that day; for if it really came, she would be thrown into the pits of despondency .

 The officer looked sheepish as her hand holding the stamp hung suspended in mid-air .

 The man stared piercingly at his woman’s countenance . His face broke into a wide grin as he squeezed her shoulders and put his lips on hers for a passionate kiss .

 In an instant, their lips and noses touched .

 As his lips separated from hers following the deep kiss, he enunciated, “I never regret what I do!”

 Fluffy feeling of happiness swelled within her and melted her heart .

 Is this considered… a disguised promise?

 Their exchange and actions were too much for the lady officer to swallow . Feeling sore, she asked again, “Do you still want to get married?”



 Both looked at her simultaneously and gave the same reply in unison .

 The officer looked positively sheepish now .

 “I’m sorry, officer; I’m afraid that the stamp mark on the document isn’t clear enough . ” She smiled slightly and pushed the ink pad over; her face was finally glowing like that of a person about to get married . “Please stamp harder and bear glorious testimony to our matrimony!”

 Is this lass taking this for a revolution?

 She rolled her eyes and, worried that the woman in front of her might start another din, pressed the ink stamp hard on the document, sending two loud thuds on the table . Looking at the two solemnly, she gave back their two red booklets, pushed the spectacle rim up her nose bridge, and said, “Congratulations!”