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Published at 25th of July 2020 10:30:18 PM
Chapter 1666
:Chapter 1666 Being unwed is called abandoned in the wilderness!

She raised her head and attempted to plaster a smile on her face . “He’s the person who is about to enter the marriage grave with me . ”

The woman felt choked following her response and hesitantly asked, “How could you turn such a blissful affair into something so tragic?!”

“How is it not tragic at all?”

That man could legitimately bully her in the future!

“You’re considered lucky to have that man marry you . Isn’t there a saying that goes: ‘Marriage is the grave of love’? Do you know what is used to describe an unwed person?”

Her curiosity was piqued . “What is it?”

“Being unwed is called abandoned in the wilderness!”

She was thoroughly amused by that answer . “So, do you mean I should be grateful to my partner for marrying me?”

The woman chortled and wanted to comment on it when her gaze landed on someone behind her, and she raised her head in shock .

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A chill ran down Yun Shishi’s spine as she numbly turned her head, just in time to see Mu Yazhe giving her an icy look . It was unknown how long the man had been standing behind her .

“You seem to be having a fun time chatting, huh?” He plopped down into the seat next to hers with his brow arched .

She could not resist shuddering . “Well, it’s just okay!”

She did not say anything bad about him, did she?

Here came the point .

Staring straight at her with narrowed eyes, he questioned, “Do you think marrying me equates to stepping into the grave?”

She shook her head .

The friendly woman extended her hand to him and happily interrupted the couple’s conversation . “Hello, handsome!”

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He coolly looked down at the outstretched hand and, in an aloof tone, blandly asked, “Are we acquainted?”

His question was akin to a basin of cold water instantly extinguishing the woman’s friendliness .

She grudgingly retracted her hand and slipped it into her man’s arm, instead . With that fierce look, no wonder the lady is reluctant to marry you! I bet she’s forced to marry you!

The man sitting beside her seemed to be the cause for the latter’s ramrod posture like a first-grade student attending her first ever class . Her eyes stared straight ahead as she remained still .

He shot her a lukewarm glance before meaningfully leaning closer and whispering in a strangely sweet voice, “Are you very reluctant to marry me, hm?”

This voice was so sweet that she had goosebumps all over her skin .

She shuddered a little and her heart trembled .

“I…” she confessed, “am not fully prepared!”

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“Answer me!”

She lifted her head at once and rigidly answered, “I’m willing! Of course, I’m willing!”


“Those are definitely my heartfelt words!”

Their conversation attracted the stares of many onlookers .

The crowd curiously watched them and found the pair to be very interesting .

The man dangerously narrowed his eyes and snapped at her reproachfully . “Then, don’t let me see you wearing a face like you’re being forced into a marriage . ”

‘…A face like you’re being forced into a marriage . ’

Feeling depressed, she touched the corners of her lips, silently admitting that she almost choked at what he had said .

Did her expression really look that awful now?

The line gradually moved, and soon it was their turn .

Before she could even react, he grabbed her wrist and practically dragged her to the registration counter .

She only had a lightheaded feeling, whereas the man seemed to be as composed, and poker-faced, as ever . None of the joy or disappointment of someone about to get married showed on his face .

Why was he always so composed regardless of the things he was doing?

The staff doing their registration took their identification cards and household registration booklet and collected the necessary fees for the processing from them .