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Chapter 1665: 1665
Chapter 1665: We are married .

She was indeed looking forward to their wedding day, but the hastiness of his decision had given her a surreal feeling, instead!

As they queued to register their marriage, Yun Shishi could only feel a patch of dark clouds forming overhead, where bolts of lightning and thunder would strike from time to time, with tornadoes engulfing her . As if her soul had left her body, she slumped lifelessly against the chair while waiting for their turn .

Her dispirited look was a stark contrast to the group of blissful young couples around them .

Sitting beside her, Mu Yazhe silently flipped through the financial magazines, which were left lying beside him . His handsome profile garnered countless envious gazes incessantly .

It was just that… when the crowd laid eyes on the glum-looking woman beside him, they were left somewhat nonplussed .

Could this be a forced marriage?

The woman appeared very unwilling to get hitched at all .

However, between the two, it was more logical to think that the male was being coerced into this marriage, instead .

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As such, they were made perplexed by this situation .

Today was a good day for marriage, so there were many people wanting to register theirs at the bureau .

The woman was fully armed to the teeth, with shades masking her eyes, to avoid the probing gazes of those present .

The young couples who had come to do their marriage registration today were probably too immersed in their euphoria, for they failed to notice the strange atmosphere currently surrounding this pair of lovers .

Amid her daze, she heard some movement from beside her, and when she turned her head, she found the man slowly getting up from his seat . She cast him a skeptical gaze, not knowing what he was going to do .

Was he regretting his decision now, or did he finally realize that he should not be acting so brashly and making such a hasty decision for such a serious affair like marriage?

He glanced at her and blandly instructed, “My identification card is in the car; wait here while I go get it . ”

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Her hopes were dashed…

She numbly nodded in response .

After he disappeared into the distance, a woman beside her curiously drew closer and asked excitedly, “Is he your man?”

“…Give it a guess . ” She gave her an ambiguous answer .

“Well, you two are likely here to register your marriage!”

The corners of her lips sank upon hearing that; she was not at all feeling jovial to register their marriage .

The other woman was puzzled . “Eh? You and that hunk look very young, so you should be registering your marriage! From your expression, though, you look more like you’re filing for a divorce!”

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“…” She was at loss for words .

The reason for the woman saying so was probably her currently looking very much like an abandoned lady with grievances!

The woman’s eyes then lit up in excitement . “Your man is really handsome, though! At first glance, I thought he’s a movie star! Oh, he’s much more handsome than movie stars!”

The man sitting next to the lady turned somewhat grumpy at that . “Hey, hey! How dare you sing praises for another man when your soon-to-be husband is sitting right beside you?”

She immediately acted coy as she hugged his arm . “He he! You’re the most handsome one in my heart, of course!”

Looking at them blissfully bantering with each other, Yun Shishi suddenly felt their display of affection being forced down her throat .

That was probably what couples should look like when they were registering their marriage .

Alas, Mu Yazhe only silently sat beside her earlier as he solemnly bore his gaze into the counter window .

…There was not a bit of sweetness that a young person should have when registering one’s marriage in him .

The further she dwelled on it, the more bitter she felt . Her head silently dipped .

As soon as the nosy woman finished coaxing her man, she turned toward her and asked, “Eh? You haven’t answered me yet! What’s your relationship with him?”