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Published at 23rd of July 2020 11:35:14 PM
Chapter 1661
Chapter 1661: Sleep in separate rooms!

With no reservation, he went into great detail on what she had done for the debt-ridden family once his company had folded .

His brother was too moved to speak after he heard the full story .

He did not know that his niece had done so much for the family!

His admiration and gratitude for her grew tremendously!

On another end, Mu Yazhe was preparing for bed when she stopped him outside the door . “You can’t sleep here tonight!”

“What’s wrong?”

He narrowed his eyes dangerously at her . “Are you chasing me away?”

Her face turned red as she explained, “Don’t take this the wrong way . That’s not my intention!”

“Then, tell me; what do you mean by me not being allowed to stay here tonight?”

Sizing her up, he asked in return, “Woman, are you thinking of revolting?”

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She dipped her head awkwardly and stammered along . “M-My dad just told me… that as we have yet to register our marriage, we aren’t officially married… so we’ll invite gossip if we stay together! Why don’t… you stay elsewhere tonight?”

The man snorted and issued a tyrannical warning . “Who dares to gossip about you?”

Well, whoever dares to do that can taste the consequence .

She glared at him . “Alright! It’s late now; why don’t you go back and rest! I need to wash up and prepare for bed, too!”

He furrowed his brows in grave displeasure . “But this is my home!”

He continued further . “And I’ve already proposed to you!”

Isn’t that sufficient?

She tried to explain further . “A proposal… doesn’t equate to marriage, though! As long as we aren’t registered, we can’t be considered married! It’s fine if my dad isn’t around, but now that he’s back home, and if he catches us sleeping in the same room, he’ll be concerned! His mindset may be traditional, but he means well for us!”

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Mu Yazhe: “…”

He held the door frame and questioned her . “It’s so late now; where do you expect me to stay?”


That’s true .

Although he had many properties under his name, he had hardly gone to the Mu residence or any other places ever since he started staying over at her place .

He only visited the Mu household occasionally to see his grandfather who was in poor health, though he never stayed long .

His other properties were rather desolate, with no electricity or facilities to wash and clean; there was not any appliance to boil water even .

Now, she’s chasing me away?

The woman suddenly pointed her finger to the ceiling . “How about you try to make do with the room upstairs?”

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His brows creased as he forced through clenched teeth, “Yun-Shi-Shi . ”

“Anyway, I don’t care! You just… see what you can do!”

With that, she pushed him away, closed the door with a loud bang, and locked him out .

He turned the doorknob, and true enough, she had locked him out for good .


It appears that the silly woman has made up her mind to turn me away tonight!

Just as he was looking rather unhappy, he heard the two little lads ridiculing him from behind . “Tsk, tsk, tsk . ”

Youyou: “Hey, daddy, you look so sorry!”

Little Yichen: “Yes, really sorry-looking!”

The man’s face sank, and he turned abruptly to see his two kids standing at the passageway with both their hands clasped over their mouths, sniggering in unison .

The younger one: “Tsk, tsk, tsk . You look so pathetic!”

The older one: “Yes, truly pathetic!”