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Published at 23rd of July 2020 11:35:18 PM
Chapter 1660
Chapter 1660: Acknowledgement

The older boy was quick-witted . Once he heard his younger brother’s address of the elderly man, he immediately followed suit and called sweetly as well, “Grandpa!”

This was enough to melt the old man’s heart!


He knelt in front of the boy and hugged his shoulders . “Little fellow, what’s your name?”

The boy was not at all intimidated and responded with a confident smile, “My name’s Mu Yichen! Grandpa can just call me Little Yichen!”

“Little Yichen! What a good boy!”

He caressed the little lad’s tender face lovingly and with much comfort in his heart!

He had a brush with this boy seven years ago!

When the boy, wrapped in a blanket, was carried out from the delivery room, he was howling under the watchful eyes of the Mus . Men in black lined the hallway to guard the Mus’ personal nurse as she carefully walked through with the baby in her arms . The baby was taken away, with the possession following him .

He caught a glimpse of the child with his wrinkly and small, red chubby face; he was flailing his two tender, little hands in the air .

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At that time, he had the impulse to snatch the child from their hands, but he quickly suppressed it as he knew the grave consequence for such an action .

That was the last time he saw the older of the twins!

He could not resist taking a closer look at him now .

His small face, fair and translucent, looked especially adorable and smart .

His eyes reminded him of his daughter, but the profile was unmistakably akin to his father’s .

The old man was so moved that he hugged the boy for so long!

His handicapped brother was puzzled by this scene .

Who are these two little fellows?

Their eyes look similar to my niece’s, but…

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Something did not seem to click .

My niece is only twenty-four this year and is also unmarried . Where did these two kids come from?

Yun Yehou looked at the children and glanced at his niece again, but out of courtesy, he chose not to pry in the end .

Yun Shishi busied herself with some tasks, one of which was taking the luggage into the cloakroom .

Mu Yazhe was carrying in the luggage when he saw this . Stunned, he brassily called out, “Yichen, come over and help your mother!”

Yun Yecheng quickly chipped in, “Let me do it! The luggage is too heavy for a kid!”

The boy stopped him politely . “It’s not necessary, grandpa! Lemme do it! You may not be as strong as I am!”

He then went to his father and, after taking one luggage in each hand, skipped over to the cloakroom .

The old man could only look on in pleasant surprise…

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That kiddo… amazing strength!

Is he really that strong?!

The luggage should weigh at least forty pounds each—even sixty pounds for the heavy ones, yet he’s able to carry one in each hand…

It’s too astonishing to be true!

The old man was too shocked .

The father of the twins was eyeing the younger son when the latter froze and then clutched his stomach, pretending to be in pain . “Daddy, my tummy is hurting…”

Pretending to have a tummy ache, the boy walked away to laze in his room .

Mu Yazhe: “…”

That brat!

Couldn’t he find a more believable excuse for his laziness?!

After all the luggage was settled, Yun Yecheng pushed his brother in the wheelchair to the bedroom .

Once inside the room, Yun Yehou quickly asked about the two boys .

The older one could only sigh and say, “Hai… That daughter of mine did something silly out of goodwill!”