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Published at 22nd of July 2020 10:25:08 PM
Chapter 1659: 1659

“Shishi, you are no longer young . There are some things that dad can’t nag you about, but you should still know better! If you guys had your marriage registered and only had the wedding ceremony to settle, you wouldn’t even be hearing anything from me! Right now, who knows if he’s truly serious about you? In this society, a man’s heart is like a needle in a haystack . You may think that he truly cares about you, but there’s no knowing what he truly feels inside . There’s not even a guarantee that he’s the one whom you’ll be spending the rest of your life with!”

 Her father’s speech was well-meaning, filled with guidance and patience, yet every word of his was laced with crude truth .

 She gripped the steering wheel tightly and kept her gaze on the road, but unnoticeably, she was actually biting her lower lip .

 What her father had said was not unreasonable .

 She could understand his concerns .

 As a father, worrying about his daughter being cheated on and lied to by another man was understandable .

 He did not know Mu Yazhe well, so having such worries was acceptable!

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 Yun Yecheng continued . “I won’t bother with what you both choose to do once you register your marriage, but before that happens, you must be mindful of your innocence, and that’s why you shouldn’t be cohabiting with him before receiving your marriage certificate; do you understand?”

 She nodded .

 “Also, dad has another question I want to ask you, and you must answer me honestly!”

 “Ask it!” She consented to his request .

 “Do you love him, or are you with him purely because you once bore him children?”

 If it was the latter, he would definitely intervene .

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 A marriage for the sake of children would never be a happy one .

 He just wanted her to be happy and healthy . That was enough for him .

 He sought neither wealth nor prestige for her; he only wished her to lead a happy life with a man she truly loved .

 At a red light, his daughter stepped on the brake and turned to fix her eyes on him . She nodded seriously .

 As they parked their cars in the garage, Mu Yazhe could feel his woman’s father gazing warily at his back as he walked over .

 He turned to look at the older man, only to see his expression returning to normal in the next second .

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 He did not think too much about it as he transferred Yun Yehou to the wheelchair from the car .

 From the side, he could hear Yun Yecheng instructing him, “Be careful—”

 He said, “Don’t worry; I got this . ”

 The elderly man nodded but was still a little distracted .

 As they moved to enter the house, the noise produced by opening the door sent the twins inside pitter-pattering toward them . Both were stunned to see the two elderly men, one of whom was someone they had not seen before .

 “Grandpa, this is…” asked Youyou in surprise .

 The older man was equally taken aback to see a boy, taller than his grandson by a head but had similar features, standing next to the other .

 This was when he had a realization…

 When his daughter became a surrogate mother for the Mu family, she had twins!

 However, seven years ago, when the younger one was just given birth to, he was not breathing, so the Mus took away his healthy, older twin and left behind Youyou, whom they had mistaken for a stillborn .

 This tall kid was probably that healthy twin at that time!

 Little Yichen looked at his brother before shifting his gaze onto the elderly man and the one sitting in a wheelchair .

 He was not alarmed by his sibling calling this unfamiliar adult ‘grandpa’ as he realized right then and there that the man, whose face had gone through great changes, was likely his mommy’s dad!