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Chapter 1658: 1658

Even though they were relatives, it was better for them not to stay at the same house!

 If they were to see her two little buns at home, these relatives of hers would definitely begin to gossip idly .

 She was too lazy to deal with them .

 She was unafraid that news of her giving birth to sons out of wedlock would sound nasty if it got out; what she was afraid was this aunt and cousins of hers saying something hurtful in front of her kids .

 It would not do even if they were unintentional .

 Therefore, once the dinner affair was concluded, she set her relatives’ temporary residence to be at a hotel as she sought a separate place for them to live in the capital .

 As they drove toward the hotel, she informed these female relatives about her arranging two rooms for them to stay temporarily . Her aunt asked with a strange look, “Eh? Why are we staying at a hotel?”

 “He he! Mom, do you know how expensive the housing in the capital is? Cousin’s house is certainly too small to fit all of us, and that’s why she has us stay at a hotel in the meantime,” butt in her younger daughter .

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 She smiled at that . “If I must say, the capital’s residence isn’t as great as our old house, which has so many rooms it doesn’t matter how many stays! The housing rate in the capital is horrendously expensive, too!”

 “Auntie, cousins, you all can stay here for tonight! I have some free time tomorrow, so I can bring you around to look at some apartments . We can then decide where you will be staying next and settle any other arrangements!”

 The middle-aged woman nodded before asking suddenly, “How much does the hotel room cost per night? I… I don’t have that much money on me . ”

 She had a bankbook, which showed that Yun Yecheng had given her tens of thousands of yuan, but she could not bear to spend it .

 “I already paid for your rooms, so please stay there comfortably without any worries!” replied her niece courteously .


 Yun Shishi was finally able to escape as her female relatives headed to their hotel rooms . She then drove her father and uncle back to Xiangti Walk .

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 On the way back, her uncle fell asleep in the back seat . He was indeed drained of energy from being on the constant move during their trip .

 Her father, on the other hand, was not sleepy at all . Seeing that his brother was fast asleep, he turned to face his daughter from the passenger seat . He asked, “Shishi, how far have you and that man gone in your relationship?”

 “Dad, you mean…”

 “Are you both staying in the same room?”

 He paused for a moment before becoming more direct with his questioning . “Have you slept together?”

 His daughter flushed at his direct question and remained silent for a moment; in the end, she nodded her head in an awkward manner .

 Receiving such a reply, he seethed with rage for a moment yet was reluctant to reprimand her . He, thus, settled for imparting a stern guidance . “It’s not that dad wants to nag at you… but you are quite foolish! You two haven’t even gotten your marriage certificate; it’s a little outrageous to be living together!”

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 “There are some things that I already know, but I pretend not to! Dad knows well enough who that man is!” he said in a deep voice, his words filled with hidden meanings .

 Yun Shishi was stunned . She looked at him and asked, “Dad, what do you mean?”

 Her father no longer planned to keep pretending and went straight to the point . “He is Youyou’s father, is he not?!”

 “How did you know?!”

 Her face turned pale drastically .

 Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he retorted, “Did you automatically assume that my eyesight is bad just because I’m old? When he stands next to your son, who will believe if you say that they’re unrelated?!”

 She was rendered speechless .

 How could she have forgotten that?

 Indeed, Mu Yazhe looked extremely alike to her son, but…


 She had been constantly anxious—fearful, even—of her father finding out the truth and truly did expect that he already knew the truth and was just keeping quiet about it out of consideration for her!