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Chapter 1657

The dishes were served one after another as they exchanged more conventional greetings .

 They ate and talked at the same time .

 However, for some reason, Yun Shishi felt that their topics ultimately still revolved around her man .

 Even though the man was unwilling to pay attention to her relatives, all the same, he remained refined and courteous .

 Xiang Yu: “Little Mu, how old are you this year?”

 Mu Yazhe: “Twenty-eight . ”

 “Oh, dear! I couldn’t tell at all! For a minute, I thought you are only twenty-two . If that’s the case, you must have some idea about what it’s like to be working in this society . ”

 “I’ve been working since I was twenty . ”

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 When she heard this, the older woman lamented, “Does that mean you didn’t attend college?”

 Her younger daughter quipped, “Ah! I didn’t go to college, either! While I did qualify, we didn’t have enough money to pay the tuition fee, so my education was delayed . ”

 With that, she threw her two relatives a furious glance .

 Yun Shishi only cared about taking care of her uncle, though, so she was completely unaware of her cousin’s gaze .

 Mu Yazhe: “I did attend college, but I completed my studies at the age of nineteen . ”

 Xiang Yu widened her eyes in shock . “Which university did you study at?”

 “Stanford . ”

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 Her eyes bulged . “Stan-what-ford?!”

 “Stanford University,” he responded politely .

 She furrowed her eyebrows . “I’ve never heard of that university . ”

 At the side, Yun Qinli felt embarrassed, so she rushed to clarify things . “Mom, he’s talking about Stanford—an extremely prestigious school in the US! That university!”

 “Oh… I see . ” The older woman rubbed her hands together, obviously feeling rather ashamed .

 “Niece, you’re twenty-three this year, right?” suddenly asked Yun Yehou .

 The woman in question raised her head and smiled . “Uncle, I think you remembered it wrongly? I’m twenty-four this year . ”

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 “Twenty-four?!” He smacked his forehead . “Oh, dear! I got your birthday mixed up!”

 “You forgot? When you came over last time, my daughter wasn’t even in university yet!” remarked his older brother .

 “This means that this niece of mine is actually older than my youngest daughter by a year! Qinli should be calling you ‘older cousin’!”

 His daughter gasped in shock . “I didn’t know that cousin is actually a year older than me! Oh, my . We messed up! Cousin, I need to start calling you that from now on!”

 Soon enough, the conversation went back on track .

 Nonetheless, the pair of siblings was still more focused on the young man . From time to time, they would ask related questions, such as “Do you have a house in the capital,””Do you have any brothers or sisters,” and “What occupations do your parents have . ”

 The man answered them accordingly, yet his replies were all perfunctory at best .

 The older of the two siblings was calculating inside, A good family background, a house in the capital, a stable job with a high income—he’s an excellent man!

 Maybe he’s also a rich man’s son .

 After all, that watch on his wrist could not be a counterfeit .

 Wearing a watch worth millions of yuan must mean that he came from a prosperous family .

 She glanced at her cousin again, secretly sizing the latter up . No wonder she could find such a good man . She was the epitome of beauty and knew how to coax people . Such a personality was one that many men fell for!

 Yun Shishi could only feel her relative’s piercing gaze, and this made her a little uncomfortable .

 She began to make changes in her plan inwardly . It seemed that she must seek a separate place for her other relatives to reside!

 Even though they were relatives, it was better for them not to stay at the same house!