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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:23 PM
Chapter 1652
Chapter 1652: Feeling Inferior before Her

Mu Yazhe walked over to him . “Uncle, your daughter and I have prepared a reception for your return to the capital! It’s getting late, so we should head off now!”

“Well… There’s no need for such trouble!” politely declined Yun Yecheng .

A smile hung from the younger man’s face, but his tone sounded as overbearing as usual . “All’s been prepared already! Plus, your daughter will be disappointed if you don’t go . ”

Yun Shishi chimed in, “Exactly, dad! It’s only right that we play host to our guests who’ve traveled a long way here; come on now . ”

The father ultimately could not win against his daughter .

As such, the couple took the luggage from him and headed to the cars parked at the entrance .

The moment Yun Qingmiao reached the entrance, she found two Mercedes-Benzes parked there .

One was a black GLE AMG, and the other was a huge white GLS AMG .

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Although she did not know much about cars, she knew the brand logo .

If this brand’s logo was enough to leave her gobsmacked, what was more when there were two of such vehicles?

Now, she was certain that her cousin’s boyfriend was no simple man!

Feelings of jealousy sprouted in her heart .

On another side, while Yun Shishi was busy putting her relatives’ luggage on the trunk, her father was trying to get her uncle into the car .

The man attentively saw this and stopped him . Bending, he effortlessly lifted the handicapped fellow into the car’s back seat with minimal strength expended .

This display of raw strength caused the two sisters’ hearts to race .

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After putting away the luggage, their cousin closed the trunk, walked over to their side, and smilingly said, “Hey, let’s get in the car . ”

The older sister knitted her brows, feeling somewhat uneasy .

Somehow, she felt a little inferior standing before this cousin of hers .

Dressed today in a socialite shirt, trendy slim pants, UGG boots made of soft fur, and a snowy-white fashion jacket, the woman appeared as elegant, beautiful, and gentle as her name suggested . At a glance, she looked like a young missy from an affluent family . Her cousin’s aristocratic demeanor made her feel inferior .

She bowed her head and took a good look at her washed-out white clothes, unsightly worn-out shoes, disheveled hair from the long train ride, and tanned yet rough skin from being exposed to the sun for a long period…

She felt an indescribable sense of bitterness and envy .

She was put off by how her cousin called her—Sis Qingmiao!

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The name ‘Yun Shishi’ sounded so pleasant and poetic!

Hers, on the other hand, was tacky and awful . Why did her father give her such a tacky name, anyway?

At her bitter look, her cousin’s brows furrowed in puzzlement . “What’s the matter?”

“Don’t call me by my name . ”

“Why?” Her cousin’s question stumped her .

“My name sounds tacky and awful—unlike yours! I’m embarrassed to have such a name!” she grumbled .

The other, however, smiled . “I think otherwise, though . I consider your name as a good one . ”

“Hah! Don’t bother coaxing me; it’s embarrassing…”

“Well, in my opinion, our names are given by our parents, so no matter what I’m called, I’ll still find it nice!” Her cousin gave an earnest reply .

At the side, Yun Yehou felt emotional when he heard this . He said to his brother, “Your daughter is a sensible child, indeed! Brother, you’ll be blessed for the rest of your life!”