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Chapter 1651
Chapter 1651: My Future Father-in-law

What was that saying again?

One would surely die from anger by comparing one’s life with another!

At that moment, Mu Yazhe’s phone rang .

He walked to a corner and answered the call .

From the other end, his assistant informed him that the directors were all grumbling about his postponement of the afternoon meeting .

He snorted at that . “Can’t you properly settle that matter?”

Min Yu was practically on the verge of tears .

Why did he have to deal with all this sh*t?!

Pausing for a bit, he carefully probed . “Boss, how about tonight’s dinner appointment?”

“I have something on . ”

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“What is it?”

“It’s none of your concern!”

The assistant, again, fell silent .

After that, his boss continued . “Book a private room at West Taihu Restaurant for tonight; I have guests to entertain . ”

He could not help asking out of mounting curiosity, “Who are these esteemed guests?”

The other man solemnly answered, “My future father-in-law and the relatives . ”

Min Yu: “…”


“Nothing at all!” He returned to his senses with a jolt . “Alright, boss; I’ll go make the arrangements now!”

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Yun Qingmiao took a few more peeks at the man before whispering to her sister, “Look at the phone he’s using! What brand is it? It appears to be quite similar to the one my boss is using . ”

“You’ve got it wrong; the phone our boss uses is Apple’s latest model, and it costs several thousands of yuan . The one he’s using, in contrast, appears to be from a lousy brand . ”

“Is that so? I guess I’m mistaken . I thought it’s from Apple!”

She let out a derisive laugh .

These sisters considered iPhones, with their sleek and expensive designs, the best high-end phones on the market to measure one’s social standing . Many would even sacrifice several months’ worth of wages to buy that brand’s phones in hopes of making themselves look cool .

The absence of its logo from the man’s phone misled them into thinking that it was just an imitation of that phone brand!

They were momentarily baffled .

Why was he using a phone of a random brand when he wore such an expensive watch?

How embarrassing!

The man would surely burst out laughing at their ignorance should he learn of their thoughts .

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His phone was a limited-edition phone from an IT company, which specialized in doing customizations for customers from the high society . This was why his phone with no logo appeared luxurious in a lowkey manner .

Yun Yecheng suddenly pulled his daughter to the side and asked in a hushed voice, “Daughter, is it true?”


“Is he truly your partner?” He was perplexed . “Didn’t you say before that he’s your college professor? How did he suddenly become your boyfriend in the short time that I was away? How long has it been?”

Truth be told, he knew the identity of this man .

While his daughter did lie to him about the man being her college professor, he easily saw through her deceit the moment the man and his grandchild, both of whom looked extremely alike, stood together at the hospital back then!

He, therefore, surmised that this man was a Mu .

It was just that that family… was the capital’s number-one elite .

With their lofty social standing, he was afraid of his daughter suffering if she got together with the man for real!


Not knowing what her father was worried about, she acted coy before him by looping her arms around his . “I’ll explain it to you when we get home, alright?”

The dark expression on his face receded a bit as he relented . “Fine! You’re no longer young; there’s nothing wrong about you finding a life partner, but be sure to keep your eyes open when choosing one! You’ll be spending the rest of your life with him, so you must find someone suitable whom you like…”

“Alright, alright! I’ll listen to my dad!” she mischievously replied .

Feeling amused, he pinched her cheek and announced, “Let’s go! We’ll head home first!”