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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:30 PM
Chapter 1650
Chapter 1650: I will give her the best wedding .

The older sister joined in the other’s probing . “That’s right! We weren’t informed . There’s no wedding yet, is there? Have you even registered it?”

Yun Shishi replied, feeling awkward, “We… We haven’t registered yet . ”

Their expressions turned weirder when they heard that .

Her father, especially, was glaring at the young chap with tightly knitted brows, seemingly taking the latter for a competitor . He was highly suspicious of this future son-in-law of his . Thinking that the young man might harbor ill intentions toward his daughter, he watched him guardingly!

Mu Yazhe could detect the animosity in the old man’s eyes for him; thus, he turned to give him a wide smile .

At one side, Xiang Yu commented sarcastically upon hearing her niece’s clarification . “How can he be deemed as your husband when you two haven’t registered your marriage yet?”

Her niece was about to reply when the man retorted, “I’ve made up my mind to marry her . Marriage registration isn’t an issue at all!”

His firm and confident reply was sufficient to shoot her down!

The older woman sized up the man, her gaze falling on the expensive watch wrapped around his wrist .

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There was nothing on him to hint of his superb background except for it!

Her older daughter saw the watch on the man’s wrist . With a start, she drew close to her and whispered, “Mom… this guy seems to be quite rich; he’s wearing a Vacheron Constantin around his wrist! That watch cost hundreds of thousands, at least—the expensive ones can even go up to millions . ”

Vacheron Constantin!

The older woman was dumbstruck .

She had not heard of that brand name before .

The reason her older daughter knew about it was that the boss of the factory she used to work also wore a watch from that very same expensive brand . It seemed that his watch cost a few hundreds of thousands!

The expensive ones can go up to millions .

She had never seen one before .

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What kind of a watch is this?

One can cost a few million?!

As a result of this newfound knowledge, coupled with a fair amount of deliberation and satisfaction, the way she looked at him changed somewhat .

“He he! How come I wasn’t told that my niece has a boyfriend now? Shishi, this is an important matter . Look at your dad; he seems to have been kept in the dark as well . Haven’t you informed him as well? I say—”

Before she could finish speaking, the man cut her off impatiently . “Auntie needs not trouble herself with our marriage; I’ve already gotten someone to pick an auspicious date for it . When the time comes, I’ll give your niece the greatest wedding . ”

Unabashedly refuted again, she had taken an awkward look by then .

Her husband chided, “Wife, you talk too much; it’s not for you to worry about our niece’s partner!”

The woman’s face turned ugly .

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Yun Yecheng tried to smooth the situation . “Oh, this isn’t fair to sister-in-law! She’s just concerned regarding her niece, after all . ”

The woman snorted inwardly .  Am I concerned about your daughter? Over my dead body!

You don’t have to play the good guy here .

The two siblings exchanged furtive glances and kept quiet, too .

The younger one was especially vexed .

I really dislike this cousin of ours…

If not for her family, I would’ve been a college graduate!

On top of being unable to attend college, she had to follow her sister at the factory to earn a measly wage of two to three thousand yuan a month!

What about cousin, though?!

She’s even found herself a potential husband with good qualities!

He was tall and more handsome than those idols seen on TV; more importantly, he looked rather well-off .

She was drowning in envy currently…