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Published at 21st of July 2020 04:35:33 PM
Chapter 1649
Chapter 1649: Are you already married?!

Yun Yehou stared at her for a long time before he exclaimed in sudden realization, “Oh! Aren’t you Shishi? You’re my niece, right? I recognize her now! Ha ha…”

He reached out to pat her hand, telling her with much contentment, “My niece has grown up and has become prettier than before! What a beauty she’s now!”

His eyes brimmed with tears as he gave this emotional remark .

His wife and two daughters at the side were rather disturbed by his enthusiasm, though they suppressed their discomfort just as quickly .

Inwardly, his wife was thinking, She’s not your daughter; why are you so happy?!

Yun Shishi glanced at the women standing behind her uncle and walked up to them . “This must be auntie! How are you?”

Xiang Yu gave a pretentious smile, gushing, “Oh, my . It’s my niece! It’s really my niece! Wow! You are all grown up now; auntie here couldn’t recognize you at first . ”

The older daughter, Yun Qingmiao, chipped in, “Eh? Does cousin look different from before? I can’t tell the difference . ”

She was older than her cousin by three years and had seen the latter once when she was small .

The younger daughter, Yun Qinli, remarked with indifference, “Sis, you haven’t seen cousin for many years; of course, you won’t be able to remember her!”

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Yun Shishi smiled and called out sweetly, “Cousins Qingmiao and Qinli . ”


The two siblings went up and shook hands with her . For some reason, the younger one was looking at her strangely .

Actually, the younger sibling was not keen to see her .

After all, if not because of her uncle and his family, she would have gone to college instead of being ridiculed .

Mu Yazhe’s appearance in their midst immediately garnered the sisters’ attention .

He was too conspicuous . Even with his shades on and dressed in casual clothes, his magnetic charisma could not be ignored as he stood beside their cousin without a word!

His presence was overpowering .

The younger one’s attention was only on her cousin, whereas her older sister had already taken notice of the man and was, in fact, casting a few furtive glances at him .

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Oh, god…

This man is so handsome!

He’s so fashionably dressed . The leather jacket on him looks expensive; is he wearing branded items from head to toe?!

This man should be very rich, or perhaps he comes from a family with a decent background .

Is he… cousin’s boyfriend?

Their mother had noticed him as well . Tugging at her niece’s sleeve, she asked furtively, “Is he…”

“He is…”

Her niece was at a loss .

Standing at one side, the man announced casually and expressionlessly, “How are you, auntie? I’m Shishi’s husband . ”

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His sudden and unexpected announcement took his woman by surprise, so much so that she choked on her saliva .  Cough!

She regained her composure and glared at him unhappily .

This man is so presumptuous!

He has just proposed, and we haven’t reached the stage of registering our union yet; how can he be considered my husband?

He smiled despite her angry look . “Why; do you need to be so shy?”


Everyone let out a yelp of surprise in unison and stared unbelievably at the couple .

No one was as shocked as her father, though .

This man…

Isn’t he her professor in university?

He was only away for a few months, and… pronto, this man had turned into his son-in-law!

Yun Yehou also gazed in wide-eyed disbelief at the two .

His wife exclaimed, “Niece, are you truly married? How come I wasn’t informed?”