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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:17 PM
Chapter 1637
Chapter 1637: A Dirty Question

Yun Shishi could not control her thoughts from going wild . She clenched her fists, vexed that she would think of such a dirty question!

She forced herself not to think about it yet remained curious about the man’s stamina!

Was it because he was too strong or she was too weak?

This was a problem!

As she continued thinking about it, her face flushed . Biting her lower lip, she felt her morals being devoured . She could not believe that she would actually thoroughly think about such a problem!

So shameless!

Mu Yazhe stole a glance at her, only to see her face reddening as she sized him up furtively . She held her burning hot face while looking lost . He had no idea what messy thoughts were going through in that head of hers!

Something was clearly amiss here, though .

Thus, he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

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The sudden noise from him startled her!

She raised her head and frantically shook it in guilt . “I wasn’t thinking about any weird question!”

He narrowed his eyes at her suspiciously .

It went without saying .

This stupid woman was so nervous when he had not said anything . Her words obviously showed that she was trying to cover something up!

Just as she finished her statement, the woman realized that her ridiculous words only roused his doubt!


She was dying of embarrassment . She was laughable, just like a little kid . Perhaps she just was no match when it came to this man . She had never liked hiding her thoughts . When she had them, she was no good at concealing them, either; it went to the point that she became an amusement to him!

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Suddenly, he advanced toward her and circled his arms around her waist tightly . “Tell me honestly: What were you thinking about?”

“I… I really wasn’t thinking about anything…”

The more she spoke, the more she lost her spirit . Even she did not believe in her words!

Obviously, this man, whose skills were way higher than hers, did not believe what she had said, too .

Therefore, he drew close to her ear and, in an evilly charming manner, demanded, “Say it, or I’ll do you right now!”

His words revealed a trace of danger!

She raised her gaze and matched his threatening eyes . Furious from embarrassment, she muttered, “You!”

“They are not empty words!”

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The man smiled like an experienced hunter . With his elegant appearance, he looked at her as if she were prey trapped in his arms . He was getting excited!

The woman was even more furious!

However, under his warning, she tucked her head and hedged with great reluctance, “I wasn’t thinking much about anything; I was just curious about… one thing!”


“You…” She took a deep breath . “It seems as if you never get tired…”

The man was dumbstruck .

He was thoroughly amused by her serious expression . He could immediately guess what she had been thinking about from her statement!

“Why are you laughing?!”

“Dummy, it’s because you are too weak!”

The elevator doors parted open .

He grabbed her hand and walked swiftly toward the room .

He walked so quickly that she could not catch up, causing her to stumble behind him .

“Mu Yazhe!”

He turned deaf to her coquettish protest as he swiped the key card and pushed open the door . Just as he entered the room, he pulled her in before the door was shut properly . He then trapped her between the door and him and pressed his fiery lips on hers!