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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:20 PM
Chapter 1635
Chapter 1635: Legs Seemingly Being Decorative Pieces

Mu Yazhe squeezed her further into his embrace with each passing second, which felt more like a century-long torture to him . His tense body was constantly clamoring for something he could not have now, and the fire inside him was just steadily growing . For every second of his suffering, his breathing got heavier little by little .

God knew what he was putting up with!

It was not at all his style to suppress his raging desires!

According to his usual behavior, he would have long eaten her clean and buried himself in her at this point!

However, he was afraid of her getting scared away .

He knew that this woman did not like doing it in the car .

Thus, in consideration of her feelings, he had to endure his urge until they reached the hotel .

It was just that he felt terribly tormented for holding himself back .

The beads of sweat seeping out from his forehead were a silent indication of his current predicament .

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Yun Shishi found it amusing yet also felt sorry for him .

He had truly missed her a lot during their fortnight of separation .

He had missed her so d*mn much, be it physically or emotionally!

From his taut and burning body, she knew how much the man was suffering right now!

She tightened her grip on him . Feeling slightly sorry for him, she proceeded to caress his face and give him a peck on his glabella as a form of encouragement .

“Thank you!” She sincerely expressed her gratefulness to him .

She really appreciated all the things he had done for her, including the concessions and changes he had made for her!

He used to be such a proud man, but for her, he kept adjusting himself to her liking!

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“Kiss me,” he requested, his burning gaze fixed on her face .

With a smile, she kissed him on his thin lips . It was not enough for him, though, and joined their mouths in a deeper kiss; as if by doing so, it could somewhat alleviate his burning desire .

It did not occur to them that this smooch would actually last the entire journey of their ride!

By the time the car came to a stop at the entrance to a certain hotel, the woman in the man’s embrace had already gotten dazed from all their shared kisses, failing to register where they were!

From outside, the driver lightly rapped his knuckles on the car window and carefully announced, “Chairman Mu, we’ve arrived at the destination!”

Only then did it rouse the couple inside the car from their passionate kiss .

He pulled away from her lips and saw the stupefied look on her face; that silly innocent face only made her appear even more alluring and charming .

She, however, was so deprived of oxygen that her eyes squinted at the spinning world around her once their lips parted!

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The man’s kissing skills were improving by leaps and bounds by the day, whereas the woman was becoming more like a pathetic rookie to him; her kissing skills remained a little unsophisticated to date, so their kisses ended up being controlled by him!

He could not help laughing and lightly patting her on the face . “It’s time to alight, little fool!”

Despite still feeling slightly dazed, she forced her eyes open to check her surroundings as she drew window curtains . Only then did she realize that the car had already stopped moving!

She posed a silly question . “Where is this place?”


Before she could come back to her senses, he again lifted her and alighted the car with her in his arms!

A startled gasp escaped from her mouth when he princess-carried her and overtly entered the hotel, where rows of attendants were respectfully standing at the entrance .

Her face again burned in fury!

How could this man be so ostentatious?

Can’t he be… a little low-key?!

What will these people think after seeing him carry me this way?!

She lightly hit his shoulder blades with her fists as she hissed, “Hey, put me down! I can walk on my own!”

“No, I’ll carry you!”