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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:22 PM
Chapter 1634
Chapter 1634: Unbearable

The woman could see the burning desire in his eyes .



From his hoarse and heavy voice, she could tell that the man was trying to suppress something deep within him .

“Good girl, hush!”

Her soft and mellow voice was undoubtedly the greatest aphrodisiac to him at this moment . Should he lose his control, a fire would ignite in him!

He still had a rein on his desires, though it was just barely!

Mu Yazhe carried her in his arms and walked over to the waiting car .

With the concierge opening the door to it for them, he carried her inside .

As soon as the door was shut, and with a press of a button, he raised the partition between the front and the back seats . The hunger in his eyes somehow frightened the woman a little .

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Her words got cut off when the man pushed her down against the seat and pinned her body with his big torso .


In her wide-eyed panic, she instinctively pushed him away from herself .

Unfortunately for her, her resistance only fueled his desire to conquer her .

Men tended to have an innate desire for conquest of their women and often took leads in sexual explorations with them!

Her resistance was bound to be futile because, with that pathetic strength of hers, she was no match for him at all!

Furthermore, she was currently up against a horny man .

Keeping her under him, the nearly crazed man desperately stole the sweet breath from her lips, eagerly plundering away her sweetness through his kisses, just like a youth who had his first taste of the forbidden fruit .

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Feeling short-winded, she tried pushing his chest away from hers, but his body was akin to a heavy mountain weighing on her . A suffocating feeling assaulted her; no matter how hard she tried to push him away, the man did not budge even a bit .


She uneasily struggled under him, trying to push him away and hide away from his sight .

All of a sudden, he clamped down on her shoulders and opened his eyes, and when she accidentally met his dark orbs, all she could see was a bottomless pit of desires .

The heat in his eyes felt scorching when they landed on her face!

He gazed back at her .

The latter was helplessly staring at the former with her charming, doe eyes . Those pretty and enchanting, almond-shaped eyes gleamed of gentle passion .

Especially right now, she looked so d*mn delectable with what that seemingly layer of blush on her face!

An electrifying and numbing sensation shot through his genitals, nerves, muscles, and limbs . He was dying to take his woman right then!

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The woman could tell that the two blazing fires in his dark orbs could practically reduce her soul to ashes .

Still, the man held onto his last shred of rationality .

With great effort, he curbed in his physical impulse and silently hugged her, instead . He dared not move another inch .

As he cuddled her close to himself, his heavy breathing continually reverberated in her ears from time to time, and it sounded like the panting of a covetous beast .

Trapped under his torso, the shy and helpless woman did not dare to move, lest she accidentally excite the man .

Even now, she could easily discern the growing change from a certain area in his body through the thin layer of her clothes .

It was burning hot there .

She, all the more, did not dare move now! Her face flushed in utter embarrassment .

W-What’s this…

She could not help finding this situation ridiculous .

How can this man be so…

She really did not know whether she should cry or laugh at this!