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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:23 PM
Chapter 1633
Chapter 1633: Hard to Pull Away from Each Other

Resting her head against his shoulder blade, she whispered, “Thank you! Thanks for accepting my stubbornness and my decision!”

She leaned closer, pressing her soft, dainty body, to him .

Hugging her tightly, the man teasingly gave her red lips a peck as he asked, “So… how are you going to thank me?”

She lifted her head, only to see the burning desire in his eyes .

A beautiful smile graced her face out of the blue as the brilliant fireworks display outside got reflected in her bright eyes .

Under the sky lit by fireworks, the woman took the lead to hook her arms around his neck, inched her face close to his, and gently brought her red lips to his icy, thin lips .

The gentle kiss gradually deepened .

As the horse pulled the crystal carriage through the romantic Cherry Blossom Avenue, passersby chanced upon a beautiful woman and a handsome man engaging in a deep kiss when they peered inside . A succession of exclamations could be heard . “Heavens!”

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“Look! Look inside that carriage! How romantic a sight this is!”

“I heard that the entire theme park had been booked by someone today to be decorated for a dreamy marriage proposal, and it’s open to the public for free so that they can witness it!”

“Could those two inside the carriage be the ones involved in that marriage proposal?!”

“A beauty and a hunk—gosh! How compatible they are…”

Under the beautiful illumination of the fireworks, with passersby bearing witness to this romantic scene, Yun Shishi tightened her hold on him and responded to him in the most intimate way she could muster—kissing .

He could not resist placing his hands around her slim waist, and from the smirk on his sexy lips, he was obviously extremely satisfied with her proactiveness .

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The kiss lasted all the way until they reached the entrance to the theme park; even then, the couple found it hard to pull away from each other .

Her spontaneous display of affection was eventually dominated by him . The impatient and enthusiastic man relentlessly assaulted her lips and invaded her mouth cavity, unwilling to part from her at all .

She was about to be suffocated by his kisses .

When the woman tried to pull herself out of this intoxication, she noticed, in her periphery, that the carriage had reached the theme park’s gates, where an extended Bentley silently waited . The driver standing in front of the car door, however, had his head and eyes down, not daring to look directly at the couple, let alone go up to disturb them .

Feeling even more embarrassed now, she balled up her fists and lightly thumped them against his shoulders .

He remained still, though . Not giving her a chance to evade him, he pressed his hand harder on her nape and forced her to give him a deep kiss; his tongue constantly robbed her of her sweet breath .

He had forgotten how long it had been since he last tasted her goodness!

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Her kisses were irresistible; he just could not stop himself!

“Umph… umph—don’t…”

The woman felt exasperated and embarrassed .

Why can’t this man stop kissing me?!

There are so many people watching us from the entrance!

Doesn’t he know how to be discreet?!

With a sideward glance at her surroundings, she found many tourists gaping and cheering for them as they raised their cameras high in the air and tried to capture this romantic and beautiful moment!

Isn’t this a little too showy?!

She hit him in the shoulder blades again, but in the next moment, before she could squeak a protest, she felt the world spin around her . This man had actually lifted her in a princess-carry and was now bringing her out of the carriage in such a manner!

Even then, he was reluctant to part with her . Supporting her in his arms, he greedily continued landing kisses on her eyelids, nose tip, and lips…