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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:25 PM
Chapter 1632
Chapter 1632: Give me five years .

She softly implored, “I promise you; I’ll make adjustments in my future schedules to maintain a balance between my work and my personal life, and I’ll also pay more attention to our family! I’m truly sorry for not taking your feelings into consideration during this period! I promise to do my best in avoiding a repeat of such a situation from here on!”

Even though the man felt conflicted upon hearing that, he maintained his stance of not interfering with any of her decisions .

He knew her well .

This stupid woman lacked a sense of security .

She had the chance to live her entire life as a sponger, but because of her innate stubbornness, she refused to do so!

Take Youyou as an example; the boy had plenty of assets to his name which he chose to keep secret from his mother .

His reasons were that he did not want her to worry about him and that he knew she would never depend on him for a living despite his net worth amounting to hundreds of billions .

These were her adorable and charming traits .

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She was poles apart from her materialistic colleagues, who were only greedy for fame and power .

This woman probably wanted to earn her keep through her abilities and to spend her money proudly!

Honestly speaking, she did have a flare for acting .

This woman working behind the scenes in the future seemed to be a pretty wise choice, too .

“How much time do you need?”

His brow cocked quizzically; his stance made it clear that he had conceded .

The woman pondered about this question for a while before smiling and replying, “Give me five years . ”

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Five years was sufficient time for her to accumulate the experience she needed!

During that period, she would work hard to learn how productions were done and acquire more practical experience in preparation for her becoming a director in the future!

“It’s not that I’ve never thought of leaving the industry; it’s just I decided to be an actress myself, so it’s only right for me to be responsible for my decision . If I quit now, not only will I incur penalties for the breach of contracts, Qin Zhou will be implicated, too . Plus… quitting showbiz while a filming is underway seems a tad too irresponsible of an action for me . I know that I’ve been neglectful of you guys these past few days, and I truly feel guilty about that . I gave it much thought; I’ll let my manager talk about my situation to the production team and fight a chance for me to have two days off weekly so that I can return home! After this filming, I will only pick my favorite works and not let my schedule be so packed anymore!”

Since he had made a concession, she would sincerely do her part, too .

Being a family-oriented person, she had never expected her decision to become an actress to result in this situation where she would not have time for her family .

The woman had a shift in her priorities, in which she would prioritize her family while occasionally accepting filming contracts that she was keen on after the filming of ‘Lethal Beauty’ .

During this process, she would work hard to study more about screenwriting and directing . After all, her interest lay more in directing rather than acting .

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She could perhaps then help the man manage Huanyu once she fully mastered those skills .

In spite of knowing that it would be arduous for her, she still took pleasure in putting effort in such and using her abilities!

Relying on others for a living was not her thing, and she could not be forced to do so!

After speaking her mind, she looked at the man with apprehension for his possible objection and incomprehension .

He wrinkled his brows but eventually did not object to it .

As his gentle gaze landed on her, he raised his hand and lightly stroked her head, giving her a loving smile . “Alright . I’ll wait for you!”

He would give her five years, then!

Those five words brought her a great sense of relief!

Her lips were pursed as she hugged him tightly . His understanding and acceptance of her decision meant a lot to her .