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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:39 PM
Chapter 1626
Chapter 1626: I wish you happiness, mommy!

He did not know if this was good news for him!

In his eyes was a sense of loss a child of his age should not have .

Yun Shishi’s smile stiffened upon seeing the mixed emotions on his face . She was amused by the boy!

Why… was this lad’s face filled with emotions, such as loss and melancholia, which only a father should have when marrying off his daughter?!

For reasons unknown, she felt a strange heartache for him .

This child probably could not bear to marry her off . Also, he was likely worried that her marriage would not be a blissful one and that the man could not give her all his love!

“Youyou… are you upset about it?” she carefully probed, her voice kept to the minimum level .

The boy hastily shook his head . “Not at all! Don’t overthink it, mommy . ”

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Rather than reluctance, his sense of loss stemmed from his worries . He was afraid that his father would be unable to unconditionally accept, dote, and love her the way he could!

Being a selfish and conceited person, he thought that only he was capable of giving his mother all the love in this world .

He might acknowledge Mu Yazhe as his father, but he somewhat lacked faith in the man as his mother’s husband!

He felt conflicted due to his fondness for his father!

His mother was about to get married!

He and his mother would never feel lonely ever again since they were soon going to be a family of four!

At the thought of this, the corners of his lips arched into a smile as he looked up; his bright, twinkling eyes seemed to have countless little stars hidden in them .

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“Mommy, I’m… truly happy for you! Since you’re getting married, I’ll turn you into this world’s most beautiful bride!”

Hearing this, the woman could not help her eyes from brimming with tears .

Nothing was more precious to her than her son’s feelings—not even any of the world’s treasure!

Touched by his words, she gave him a hug and his rosy little cheek a peck .

“Thank you, son!”

“No need for thanks!”

His tone turned somewhat playful as he gazed at her and laughed . “Your happiness is my happiness, so here I am wishing you happiness!”

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With that, he smilingly grabbed her hand and slowly led her to his father’s side before raising his head .

“Daddy, your hand!” he ordered in his wise and mature voice .

His precocious son’s antics sent the man chuckling inwardly as he earnestly and obediently proffered his hand, palm up, to him .

With him holding each of his parents’ hands, he solemnly and carefully placed his mother’s to his father’s .

“Daddy, you must protect mommy well in the future! That’s what you promised me, so be sure to cherish her for all your life!”

The smiling man earnestly looked into his son’s eyes . “I’ll certainly deliver on my promise!”

Only then did Youyou reveal a bright smile .

A brilliant display of fireworks decorated the sky above while parade floats passed by the boulevard .

When the crystal horse-drawn carriage came to a stop by her side, the man took the woman’s hand and led her aboard before it slowly left amid the dream-like parade floats .

The younger boy silently watched the carriage depart as he got lost in his thoughts .

He remained indifferent even when his brother tugged at his clothes’ hem and, instead, continued watching the carriage vanish into the distance .