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Published at 4th of August 2020 01:25:42 PM
Chapter 1625

This sight naturally made Youyou pleased . He could tell that his mother was truly enjoying the gift he had prepared for her . “Does it taste good?”

 “Yup! It’s yummy!” The older twin was the first to reply .

 He shot him a look . “Hmph! I’m not asking you, greedy kitten!”

 Tickled, Yun Shishi squatted and hugged him . “The cake you baked tastes delicious; will you make it for me again?”

 “Mommy, you’re another greedy one here . ”

 The pout on his face could not conceal his glee, though . The bashful boy licked his rosy lips . “So… do you like the gift I prepared specially for you?”

 “Yes!” She gave a firm reply .

 Upon hearing that, Little Yichen moved closer to them . “Mommy, mommy! Do you like the gift I made, then?”

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 “I like it, too!”

 Right then, sparks of animosity flew between the two brothers as they engaged in a competition of theirs through their locked gazes . In unison, they turned to their mother and questioned, “Whose gift do you like better, mommy? ”

 The woman was truly stumped now .

 For a moment, she found it difficult to choose as she looked at her boys, who were staring unblinkingly at her with their big, glistening eyes .

 Despite liking their gifts very much, she could not pick a favorite between the two!

 Both gifts had truly touched her heart, so she was unable to pick one at their insistence—not when the little lads seemed to be competing for her affection!

 An idea struck her right then . She lifted her left hand and displayed it in front of them .

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 “Daddy’s gift is my favorite one out of all!”

 Their gazes shifted to her hand at the same time, only to find a sparkling diamond ring on her ring finger .

 The Darry Ring’s pink diamond ring was conspicuous .

 Youyou had seen this custom-made diamond ring, which was worth staggering eight figures, in a magazine before .

 Since pink diamonds were very rare and precious, what more of a one-carat pink diamond?

 Hearing that, the older boy promptly shot his father an indignant look and pouted in displeasure . “So this is what daddy prepared?! How cunning of you!”

 His younger brother urgently asked, “Did daddy propose to mommy?”

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 She nodded smilingly . “Yes!”

 He felt somewhat bitter about it . With a pitiful look on his face, the boy anxiously grabbed her wrist . “What… about mommy? Did you agree to it?”

 He thought that his father’s gift for his mother was an elaborate, romantic birthday party just like in fairy tales—hence, the man spending a fortune to book the entire theme park .

 It did not occur to him that his real gift would actually be a proposal .

 An indescribable yet complicated emotion surged from within him right then .

 His happiness for his mother was tinged with an inexplicable sadness and melancholia despite his anticipation for this long-awaited proposal and his sincere hopes for the fruition of his parents’ relationship so that they could live a blissful life together!

 Somehow, knowing that this wish had been realized, he found himself feeling a little bitter and lost…

 She looked at her youngest son, who had his rosy lips lifted slightly in a seemingly forced smile .

 She fell into a daze for a long period before she slowly nodded and gently answered, “I did!”

 The alarm bells went off inside the boy’s head; his eyes then flickered slightly for a bit .

 Mommy’s getting married!

 My beloved mommy is about to get married!