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Published at 21st of July 2020 02:25:07 AM
Chapter 1624: 1624

“Thank you, mommy! I love you to pieces!”

 Feeling indignant, Youyou snapped, “Why aren’t you thanking me, dummy? I’m the one who baked this cake, after all!”

 His brother smiled sheepishly at him . “Thanks, bro!”

 Only then was the other content .

 Yun Shishi cast her older son a loving gaze . “Yichen, have a bite of it to try your little brother’s baking . ”


 He eagerly bit on the figurine .

 Having its head bitten off, the cross-section of the poor sugar figurine got revealed .

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 Inside it was a rainbow-colored saccharin paste!


 As the saccharin paste filled the cavity of his bulging mouth and the thick aroma lingered between his teeth, the boy found himself in such a blissful state that he could practically shed tears .

 “It’s delicious! This is the best cake I’ve ever had!” he exclaimed in delight, dancing in joy thereafter .

 His mother was surprised by what she saw, too .

 She did not expect her figurine to be filled with a rainbow-colored saccharin paste!

 This was something noteworthy . In fact, only one flavor was produced in the making of the sugar paste, and in order to make the rainbow flavor, the hardworking boy put so much effort into making seven different flavors of sugar paste; purple for grape, red for strawberry, green for apple, orange for orange, yellow for lemon, brown for coffee, and finally, blue for blueberry .

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 These seven colors implied that his mother was the world’s most wonderful woman to him!

 With seven different flavors used, he had to separate each with a sugar coating to prevent them from mixing when the paste melted .

 The entire process of making just this figurine alone, from shaping to coloring, to achieve the finished product exhausted a whole hour . He had truly put lots of effort into making it .

 His mother was almost moved to tears!

 Baking was a time- and energy-consuming activity, and she knew that very well; in the past, during her school’s hands-on activity, she had tried her hands at baking, but unfortunately, due to her clumsiness, all her biscuits turned out burned .

 From just looking at this beautiful cake, she could imagine her boy standing on a stool in the kitchen with his head bowed as he carefully kneaded and shaped the fondant in his hands while imagining her looks .

 A surge of warmth flowed into her heart at that moment .

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 It was such an eventful day filled with surprises!

 This probably was the first time she was celebrating her birthday so blissfully!

 She was wholly satisfied!

 Her older son delivered the figurine to her mouth and considerately said, “Mommy, this figurine bro made tastes heavenly! You should try it, too!”

 Her youngest son was equally looking forward to her reaction . “Yes, mommy; try it and tell me what you think about it!”


 She nodded and then took a bite of the sugar figurine under their watchful eyes .

 The saccharin taste of the rainbow-colored sugar paste instantly spread between her lips and teeth . Not only was the paste not sickeningly sweet and sticky, it also had the right amount of sweetness and softness, which left people craving for more!

 She had never eaten such a delicious cake before, so she was truly surprised by its taste .

 “This is really good . ”

 She asked curiously, “How did you come up with such an idea, my younger son?”

 “I bought a book on baking and self-taught myself through it . ”

 Pausing, he then smugly added, “As for mommy’s figurine, I didn’t learn it from the book! I came up with the idea of making a rainbow fondant by myself!”

 “That’s so clever of you!”

 She could not resist taking another bite; her taste buds trembled in bliss as the seven-flavored saccharin paste melted in her mouth .