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Chapter 1623: 1623

Anyway… she did not want to eat that sugar figurine of his .

 Youyou shot his mother with a disdainful look . “Of course, they can be eaten, stupid mommy! These figurines will taste very sweet since they’re made of fondant with saccharin paste as base and coated in saccharin icing! It’s my first time making a fondant cake, so I’m unsure if the taste is good . Anyway, just try it!”

 With a nod, she promptly reached her index finger out and pointed at the four figurines, wondering which one she should choose . She could not make up her mind, though .

 Even though these figures were made of fondant, the thought of biting off the head of any seemed… a little horrifying!

 Standing beside her, the boy suddenly asked, “What flavor do you like, mommy?”


 He blinked his eyes proudly . “Yup! I made these with four different flavors!”

 The sugar paste was of different flavors; hence, there were many flavors for them to choose from .

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 It was his intention to make four figurines of four different flavors so that they would each have a uniquely different taste .

 His father looked at him in surprise upon hearing that .

 This lad had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve, it seemed; to think that these figurines would have four different flavors, too .


 Yun Shishi excitedly pointed at her older son’s figurine . “What flavor is Yichen’s figurine?”


 “Well, what about yours?”

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 “Mine is made of milk!” he smilingly replied .

 The man asked out of curiosity, “What about mine, then?”

 “Daddy’s is made of chocolate!”

 Even the gluttonous older boy was very interested in it . “What about mommy’s?”

 That was when the younger boy gave them all a mysterious smile . “That’s a secret! Hmph!”


 The suspense got the older lad more curious than ever . After all, it was always the unknown that left people hang up about!

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 As such, the older twin had a growing desire to have a taste of his mother’s figurine!

 She took a peek at the little lad . Upon seeing how the greedy boy was fixedly staring at her figurine, she picked up his figurine and left hers for the two lads to try, instead .

 As she waved the boy’s figurine in front of him, she spoke in a fiendish voice . “Son, mommy is about to eat you up!”

 With that, she put on a fierce look and chomped off the figurine’s arm .

 The mischievous Yichen held onto his arm and whimpered pathetically . “Aw, aw! Mommy… don’t bite me! It hurts…”

 1From his exaggerated display, it would appear as if his mother had truly bitten off his arm!

 Equally amused by the kid’s antics, his father’s lips curled into a smile .

 From the side, his brother evilly egged their mother on . “Mommy, bite his head off!”

 With an arch of her brow, she then bit on the figurine’s head .

 The older boy promptly schooled his face into a look of pain as he held his little head . “Oh, my! Something seems to be biting… my head . It hurts… hurts so much…”

 “Ha ha ha!” She could not help herself from bursting into laughter at the boy’s silliness .

 “That’s enough, baby; I’ll stop teasing you!”

 As she spoke, she picked up her figurine from the cake, squatted in front of her older son, and handed it to him . “Here; you can have my sugar figurine . ”

 His eyes widened in delight and satisfaction as he grabbed it from his mother’s hand .