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Published at 20th of July 2020 11:10:14 PM
Chapter 1622

“Mommy, cut it! Birthday celebration isn’t considered over until you cut the cake!”


 This little lad truly knew more than her .

 The man walked up to her and held her hand . She turned her head to look at him and smiled . Together, they held the knife and cut the cake amid their children’s cheers .

 “Bro, can we start eating?” The older twin looked hungry as he posed this question to his twin . He was practically salivating at the sight of the cake .

 His brother glared at him disdainfully and answered without any expression, “Please wipe away your saliva stain first . ”

 Little Yichen: “?”

 The younger boy could only rub his forehead ruefully . “Silly brother, why are you always so greedy?”

 “That’s because the cake you made looks so attractive! It must taste good!” replied the older one truthfully .

 His brother did not know what to reply to that . In the end, heaving a sigh, he automatically cut a piece of cake and passed it to him .

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 “Here! Little greedy cat, eat all you want!”

 “I don’t want this! I want the sugary figurine on top of the cake!”

 Mulling for a while, the younger boy asked out of curiosity, “Which one do you fancy?”

 The older brother could not stop salivating as he answered, “I want yours!”

 The younger lad immediately refused, “No way!”

 “Why not?!”

 “Can’t you eat your own?”

 His brother replied wryly, “But mine doesn’t look as delicious as yours! Petty brother, can you let me have yours?”

 1With that, he started pestering his twin .

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 Alas, the younger one was adamant in refusing . “No way! No way! I’m never giving mine to you!”

 “Hmph! Bro is so petty! Then, I’ll have mommy’s . ”

 He then reached out for the cutest figurine that his brother had spent the most effort on .


 His brother disdainfully slapped away his claw-like hand .

 “You can’t!”

 The older one looked defeated . “And why not this time?”

 “You can’t have mommy’s! How about you eat daddy’s?” offered his younger sibling .

 He looked utterly unhappy, muttering very unwillingly, “I don’t want daddy’s figurine! It’s too ugly to consume . ”

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 1His mother and brother chortled in unison upon hearing that .

 As for the man standing at one side, his face had sunk to the pits .

 A wave of chilly air seemed to assault them .

 The older lad shuddered as he saw his father’s terrible-looking face when he looked past his shoulder . He hastened to clarify . “Daddy, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to say that you’re ugly! What I meant is that your figurine is ugly . Don’t be angry, alright?”

 Youyou: “…”

 Yun Shishi: “…”

 The man’s face turned even darker .

 Why was this little fellow explaining himself to him in all seriousness? Was he born to be a comedian?

 The younger one said, “Older bro, be good and let mommy choose her figurine first! It’ll be your turn next!”

 He turned to look at his mother after saying that, telling her seriously, “Mommy, choose a figurine and try!”

 She replied in surprise, “Oh? Do you mean the ones on top of the cake?”


 “Are these really edible?!”

 She could not contain her surprise .

 This was her first time seeing a fondant cake . The four little figurines that her son had made looked so lifelike and adorable . She did not realize that they were edible as well .

 In retrospect, these were lifelike except for Mu Yazhe’s .

 If the man were to know how much the woman despised his figurine, what would he think?