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Published at 20th of July 2020 11:10:18 PM
Chapter 1621

“Daddy, you can’t blame me for that!”

 Youyou tried to look innocent .

 Well, his father just had to appear from behind him without warning when he was concentrating fully on designing the cake . As a result, the shape of the mouth went askew due to receiving a shock .

 His mother laughed so hard that tears rolled down her face .

 The expression on Mu Yazhe’s sugar figurine was just too comical for her to stop laughing .

 “Stupid, quit laughing . ”

 The man was embarrassed . The rest of the three sugary figurines were so lively and lovable except for his . His fondant figure just looked extremely ugly with its fierce expression and crooked mouth .

 Feeling shame-faced, he had the sudden impulse to hide the figurine when he saw how much the woman was laughing at it .

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 He knew he could not do that, alas .

 This cake was painstakingly designed and baked by his younger son for his mother . If not for that, he would have long destroyed it .

 The boy was tickled by his mother’s infectious laughter . His lips curled into a smile, and soon, he was happily chuckling along, too .

 His older twin sneaked a peek at the cake earlier and had his share of laughter when he caught sight of his father’s ugly and dumb figurine .

 Still, he could not help laughing along again when he caught them guffawing .

 The three of them were in stitches .

 The man’s face turned even more sullen, and he glared warningly at his younger son .

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 The latter caught the hint instantly . Clearing his throat, he coughed dryly as he wiped the snigger off his lips before he turned to his mother . “Mommy, stop laughing! Let’s blow out the candles, alright?”


 The boy took out some number-shaped candles and placed them on the cake . He then lighted these with a matchlight .

 The glowing light illuminated the four faces .

 “Brother, let’s sing mommy a birthday song!” suggested Little Yichen with a clap of his palms .

 “Happy birthday to you!

 “Happy birthday to you!

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 “Happy birthday to dear mommy…

 “Happy birthday to you!”

 The younger boy exclaimed excitedly, “Mommy, make a wish; quick!”

 The woman immediately clapped her palms together in prayer and closed her eyes with a smile on her face . After uttering a fervent prayer in her heart, she blew out the candles .


 “Wow! Excellent, excellent!” The older son skipped around merrily, eyeing the cake while drooling . He suddenly tugged at his mother’s sleeve and asked curiously, “Mommy, what did you wish for?”

 His younger brother knocked on his head . “Fool! The wish won’t come true if it’s spoken aloud!”

 “Oh, is that so…” His twin could not hide the disappointment on his face, but the thought of eating the cake brightened him up immediately . “We can eat the cake finally!”

 With that, he reached out for the sugary figurines on the cake .

 Youyou gave him another hard knock on the head . “Fool! Mommy hasn’t cut the cake yet! Don’t try to steal a mouthful!”

 Little Yichen held his head when he was hit . In silent protest, his doe eyes stared hurtfully at his younger brother, who was still nagging at him .

 The younger twin stared right back at him .

 Their mother watched them with amusement in her eyes .

 The two lads seemed to have a reversal of roles . The younger son was sterner and a disciplinarian, whereas the older one was the sloppy one .

 Smiling, the younger one passed her the knife to cut the cake . “Mommy, cut it! Birthday celebration isn’t considered over until you cut the cake!”