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Published at 19th of July 2020 10:25:09 PM
Chapter 1620: 1620

“Hmph! Even if you admit that you’re in the wrong, I won’t forgive mommy so easily . ”

 Her older son pretended to be aloof as he pointed a finger at her .

 She bit her lower lip, teasingly asking thereafter, “What does my son want for me to be forgiven, then?”

 “Unless…” The lad blinked his eyes mysteriously before tapping his cheek smilingly . “Mommy gives me a kiss!”

 The woman was so amused by him that she gave him a smooch on the cheek at once .

 Pleased with that, he subsequently took out his handcrafted rose, which was hidden behind him, and handed it to his mother .

 It was a stalk of handmade rose .

 The boy had specifically asked his art teacher to teach him how to make it . He wanted to give his mommy a gift that would make her happy on her birthday . After thinking about it, he decided to make a handcrafted rose .

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 A handmade flower would never wither .

 The message of his gift was that he wished she would be as beautiful as a flower—one that would stay in blossom forever .

 Yun Shishi held the flower in her hand, her heart filled with warmth .

 The boy’s craft skills were not as good as Youyou’s as the former was a little clumsy . He never liked doing artwork in school, so his handcrafted flower was a little rough, but one could tell that a lot of effort went with this gift . Every folded corner was carefully and neatly done . The coloring was also accomplished very seriously . It may not be detailed, but it was still very pretty .

 The woman loved it to death . She looked at the flower with a big smile .

 She had never felt this content in her heart .

 “Mommy, mommy… d-do you… not like my flower?” probed her older son nervously .

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 “Of course, I love it! Mommy loves your gift so much!”


 The boy was ecstatic!

 He was so satisfied he was ready to reach for the sky!

 His mother had complimented his handicraft . She said she liked the flower he had made!

 His imaginary, little tail was swishing in joy that it was ready to hit the ceiling!

 This one affirmation from hers easily triumphed over others’!

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 As Mu Yazhe stood at the side, his eyes harshly twitched at the corner at this scene in front of him .

 On the way over, he complimented his son, too, on how his skills had improved, but the boy remained unhappy despite that, yet one, simple compliment from the woman, and his son was nearly over the moon!

 This was not fair!

 Seeing this, Youyou got jealous . He hurriedly tugged his mother toward the cake and announced proudly, “Mommy, I personally baked this birthday cake for you!”

 With that, he let out a huff and tossed a challenging glance in his sibling’s direction .

 The latter folded his arms across his chest dismissively as his eyes seemed to convey the message: ‘Mommy will definitely like my flower more!’

 The former looked back at him coldly . ‘Dream on! Mommy will surely like my cake the most!’

 Their mother walked toward the cake and noticed the fondant figures the younger boy had kneaded carefully . There was a tiny Mu Yazhe, Yun Shishi, Youyou, and Little Yichen on a nicely rolled out fondant board . They were sticky and powdery, adorable and charming .

 Her and the older boy’s features were extremely dynamic .

 It’s just that…

 When she gazed at the man’s face, she burst out into laughter!

 Her man’s face was kneaded into a fierce-looking expression, and due to a little accident during the baking process, his mouth was a little askew .

 “Ha ha ha!”

 The fondant was too amusing that she could not hold back her sonorous laughter .

 The man walked up front . His face darkened at the sight of the fondant and he rubbed his forehead .