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Published at 19th of July 2020 02:35:11 PM
Chapter 1619: 1619

“When I was young, I really loved those princes and princesses in fairy tales . I always dreamed of sitting on the Ferris wheel with the man I love and him proposing to me just as the sky lights up with fireworks…”

 Halfway through speaking, Yun Shishi suddenly trailed off as she found something odd .

 With knitted eyebrows, she stared pointedly at the man .

 “Hey! Did you… read my diary?!”

 Exposed, Mu Yazhe felt slightly embarrassed .

 Seeing how dodgy he was being, the woman held his face in her palms and forced him to look at her .

 “Tell me honestly: Did you read my diary?!”

 She had the habit of keeping a diary when she was young, penning down any of her feelings, thoughts, and opinions—this included even the most trivial things .

 No matter how she thought about it, something truly felt off .

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 The proposal today was exactly how she had imagined her dream proposal would play in her diary .

 Could he have read her diary and set up this whole scene according to it?!

 The man coughed awkwardly before softly eh-ing in admittance .

 He had indeed flipped through her diary . However, it was something Youyou had unintentionally left exposed while the boy was tidying up their place .

 He did not know that it was his woman’s diary when he picked it up and looked through it . Eventually, that specific page came into sight .

 He could see that it was her handwriting in her teens .

 His gaze swept across the page ten lines at a time . Skimming through it, he remembered the wish she had noted down .

 He honestly told the woman everything .

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 When the latter heard this, she remained calm and collected, but she was actually extremely moved inside by him .

 “Mu Yazhe…” She lowered her head and hesitated for a moment before smiling . “Thank you!”

 She thanked him for fulfilling one her lifelong dreams, which she had thought previously would ever come into fruition!

 When their Ferris wheel cabin reached the ground and the door was opened, the fallen fireworks began to rise .

 The twins were like two little angels as they stood in front of their mother with a birthday cake in hands .

 “Mommy, happy birthday!”

 Their voices, which were brimming with youthfulness, were sincere and adorable .

 The woman was again caught in a pleasant surprise!

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 She gawked at the sight in front of her, unable to react in time!

 It turned out that today was her birthday .

 She could not believe that she failed to notice anything . She also did not expect her two boys to remember her natal day . Not only did these two prepare a cake and a present beforehand, they even organized such a big surprise for her!

 The woman was extremely touched and tears began rolling out from her eyes .

 Being in the production team all this while meant that she had been apart from these two guys for so long . She truly missed them terribly .

 “My two babies, mommy missed you both so much!” Yun Shishi bent down and opened her arms .

 “Mommy… ”

 Little Yichen let out a wail as his eyes welled up in tears . In the next second, he threw himself into her embrace .

 Youyou broke out into a peal of loving laughter . He bit his lower lip and bashfully walked to her, personally placing the crown he had made on her head .

 “Our dearest mommy, happy birthday! We wish you happiness for as long as you live! I will always love you!”

 He held her face and planted a resounding kiss on her cheek .

 Deeply moved, the woman pulled him into her embrace . She held the two lads tightly, unwilling to let either of them go .

 “Mommy has missed you all so much!”

 Hearing this, the older boy broke down into tears .

 “Why didn’t you come home for such a long time?! I’ve missed you so much, too!”

 Hearing this, she felt as if a knife had pierced her heart as it hurt terribly . “I’m sorry, son… Mommy was in the wrong . ”