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Published at 19th of July 2020 02:35:19 PM
Chapter 1618

The one-carat pink diamond ring on her hand was very expensive .

 Yun Shishi recognized it at a glance .

 It was a rare, custom-made piece of pink diamond jewelry from Darry Ring!

 The romantic yet expensive jewelry brand let each man customize only one diamond ring from their shop in his entire life with his identification card .

 Each man could only place one custom order for this one-of-kind ring in his lifetime .

 It signified the most romantic promise a man could ever give his woman .

 The ring he had put on her was from that brand’s With You series .

 It was worth no fewer than eight figures .

 Her eyes brimmed with tears without warning . She could not help feeling touched and amused by him!

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 How could this man be so overbearing even when he was proposing to her?

 By putting the ring on her finger without her permission, it was clear that he disallowed any objection from her!

 She could tell from his eyes that she had truly become a beloved princess to him!

 She truly could not believe this dream-like happening .

 This beautiful fairy-tale fantasy—a marriage proposal from her lover in the cabin of a Ferris wheel under a fireworks-filled sky, which should only appear in her diary—had actually turned into reality!

 At her emotional state, Mu Yazhe’s heart tightened a little before turning into mush instantly!

 “Promise me, Shishi . ”

 He held up her face, his gaze ever so sincere .

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 Being an unromantic man, tonight’s romantic proposal ceremony was probably the best he could come up with!

 Although he had always been a ruthless, bold, decisive, and wise person in the business world, he was a total blockhead when it came to romance!

 That might be why even his proposal seemed so overbearing and irrefutable to her!

 All he truly wanted was to dote on this little woman for all her life .

 It took him a long time to prepare this marriage proposal .

 Everything was done by him, just so that he could give her a dreamy surprise on this day!

 Perhaps, in the past, he would never believe that he could, for the sake of a woman, put so much effort into preparing a marriage proposal .

 As long as he permitted it, there was probably no woman who would ever refuse his marriage proposal .

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 Marriage was no more than a ritual and a yoke to him back then, but now, because of her, he had changed his mind about it!

 If marriage was truly a yoke, then he was willing to be trapped by it—trapped by her .

 In her tears and laughter, she nodded in consent . “Alright!”



 She did not know whether to laugh or cry at that . “I mean… I do . ”

 He had made a formal proposal to her and she was willing to marry him!

 I do…

 I do…

 I truly do…

 Those words constantly swam in her mind . Along with the booming pyrotechnics display, her mood, too, soared in the sky .

 A satisfied smile spread across the man’s face when he heard her reply . Bringing her in his embrace, he shared a passionate kiss with her under the fireworks-filled sky .

 They finally reached the highest point of the ride .

 As she snuggled in his arms and looked at the beautiful nightscape outside the window, she could not help tightening her arms around him .

 “Do you know? I feel like I’m dreaming right now! I still can’t believe it…”

 Feeling somewhat at a loss, he scratched her nose . “What’s on your mind now, little fool?”