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Published at 18th of July 2020 10:20:09 PM
Chapter 1617: 1617

His perfect face drew close to her and his thin lips gently covered hers . The faint tobacco smell between his teeth, together with his unique body scent, brought her a sense of comfort .

 Yun Shishi’s eyes widened in surprise as she furrowed her brows in incredulity .

 Feeling disgruntled, Mu Yazhe covered her eyes with his palm as he gently shut his . The soft and tender kiss shot through the woman’s very being and made her heart thump fast and furious .

 Outside, the soft moonlight gently spilled from the star-mottled sky . His face was embellished by its silvery glow, which complemented his jade-like skin .

 She could faintly see his handsome face through the cracks of his fingers when she carefully opened her eyes .

 As the Ferris wheel slowly rotated, she gradually shut her eyes .

 Trapping her in his embrace, the man lifted her chin with one hand and caressed the stray hair at the side of her face with the other before gently giving her a peck on the lips .

 A blush instantly crept up her face as her hands started moving about restlessly in front of his chest .

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 She seemed to be a little nervous .

 It suddenly occurred to her… that this plot was strangely familiar; she seemed to have seen it somewhere before .

 She felt a little disconcerted but could not pinpoint what was wrong .

 The man comfortingly grabbed her wrists and slowly moved them to his waist . Following his lead, she interlaced her arms around his torso . Her knuckles had turned white at this point from nervousness .

 Right at that moment, fireworks shot straight up the sky and burst through the darkness in a radiant display .

 His head lifted to see his woman shyly bowing her head as she bit hard into her lower lip flap .

 Smilingly lifting her chin, he gave her a peck on the lips again .

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 “Shishi, will you marry me?”

 Voicing these five words in a slightly deep voice, he cocked a brow and gazed at her face with gentle yet quizzical eyes .

 ‘Shishi, will you marry me?’

 These five words said in his mellow yet magnetic voice sounded so pleasing to the ears .

 Catching her left hand in his big palm, he slid a cold metal band into her ring finger .

 Her heart thumped hard in her chest as her eyes grew wide…

 His sudden marriage proposal had caught her off guard .

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 Upon hearing that one question from him, something seemed to burst inside her head; her mind drew a complete blank .

 This happiness came too suddenly .

 It caught her by surprise so much so that she was left dazed!

 How could he be so crafty?

 “Marry me, alright?”

 His charismatic lips curled up slightly into a loving smile .

 “Let’s be together forever, yeah?”


 “Shh!” he cut in . “Listen to me first . ”

 With pursed lips and bated breath, the curious woman wondered what he was about to say next .

 “I swear…” He took in a deep, cool breath, leaned in to her, and affectionately rubbed his nose against hers before opening his penetrating eyes again . “I’ll use my life to love and protect you!”

 Her red lips trembled for a bit . His heartfelt declaration almost moved her to tears .

 “I’ll spend my entire life loving you . Will you always be my princess?”

 Behind him, a bunch of fireworks shot up and exploded brilliantly in the night sky .

 He elegantly lifted her left hand; this was when the woman’s gaze fell on her left ring finger .

 Somehow, a diamond ring had mysteriously appeared on it .