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Published at 18th of July 2020 02:25:08 PM
Chapter 1616: 1616

As the Ferris wheel slowly rose, the spectacular view of Fairy Tale Valley became unobstructed .

 Yun Shishi appeared to be very surprised that they were sitting together in this spacious cabin .

“Did you prepare all these?”

 Mu Yazhe could not help bursting into laughter at the sight of the innocent yet amusing expression on her face . “Is this your first time riding the Ferris wheel?”


 Feeling a little downcast and forlorn, she pursed her lips into a grim line . “It’s my first time; I didn’t have a chance to do so in the past as I hardly got the chance to come to such a place!”

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 He leaned back gracefully . “So, do you like it?”

 She gave him a satisfied smile in return . “I like it! In fact, I love it!”

 It was every young girl’s dream to feel like a princess; they wished to become the prince charming’s Cinderella .

 She was no exception .

 Alas, a fairy tale could only remain a fairy tale, and a dream was nothing but a dream .

 “That crystal-drawn horse carriage is truly beautiful; it’s just like those seen in fairy tales! Have you read ‘Cinderella’?

 “That’s not right; the fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a carriage in ‘Cinderella’…”

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 The man only silently watched her getting all excited .

 She gushed, “When I was a child, I used to fantasize myself together with a beloved prince, looking at the beautiful nightscape inside a cabin of a Ferris wheel at its highest point . ”

 She felt shy at what she was about to tell him next .

 When they reached the highest point of the Ferris wheel, there would be fireworks on display in the sky as her prince charming proposed to her with an exquisite diamond ring . They would then share a passionate kiss amid the beautiful nightscape…

 All these beautiful fantasies were kept hidden in her diary .

 She let out an embarrassed laugh . “You must find this dream silly, right? Well, I think so, too…”

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 Smiling, the man bowed his head and lighted a cigarette before placing it between his lips . His half-smile sent her heart racing .

 As her cheeks warmed, she shyly turned her face away but still could not resist sneaking glances at him .

 He usually liked black shirts, but today, he was donning clothes of nobility . He appeared especially handsome in the outfit, such that she felt a little shy looking him in the eyes .

 The man comfortably leaned back against his seat . He had fair and flawless skin, gently droopy eyes, and densely long intertwined lashes .

 He also had a very faint set of dimples at the corners of his mouth, which looked beautiful when he smiled . They carried hints of freshness and purity—a deep contrast to his perpetual, poker face, which left people finding it hard to get close to him .

 She disliked men who smoked but, strangely, was not appalled by this habit of his and was rather infatuated in the way he looked when he did .

 Her lips involuntarily curled up as she gawked at him .

 He opened his eyes without warning and calmly looked back at her .

 She turned her head away again, only to realize that they had somehow almost reached the highest point of the Ferris wheel .

 In her excitement, she shot up to her feet and pressed herself against the window . As she gazed up at the starry sky in amazement, she put her hands to her face and exclaimed, “How magnificent!”

 Her joyous laughter rang like how a child’s laughter would .

 The man snuffed out the cigarette in its box after taking a drag . He then leisurely stood up and unhurriedly approached his woman .

Sensing movements behind her, she smilingly looked past her shoulder . All of a sudden, long, slender fingers lightly lifted her chin .

 His perfect face drew close to her, and his thin lips gently covered hers…