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Published at 18th of July 2020 02:30:06 AM
Chapter 1615: 1615

Momentarily blinded by the bright lights, she took a hesitant step forward . The lights, however, followed her .

 Her footsteps paused in surprise .

 Just as Yun Shishi was at a loss, she vaguely noticed a tall, slender figure approaching her from nearby .

 Her eyes widened in incredulity as she stood in the light and watched him in curiosity and surprise . Like a god descended from above, the tall, handsome man dressed in a white suit emerged from the shadows and appeared before her .


 That one word escaped from her parted lips; she was surprised to see him .

 The man’s appearance was a dreamy surprise to her .

 Donning a medieval, aristocratic outfit, he appeared distinguished and arrogant with an extraordinary demeanor . His prince-charming appearance was unexpected .

 She had imagined countless such dream-like scenes, but once it had finally appeared before her, it took her a long time to regain her senses!

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 She stared at the Adonis before her, feeling slightly dumbfounded!

 Did he prepare such a dream-like surprise for her?

 Her body stiffened slightly .

 Right in front of her—

 The strong lighting cast shadows on his exquisite facial contours . In the dreamy lighting, he appeared to be as handsome as a Greek sculpture .

 His neatly combed black hair, arrogant chin, and penetrating eyes amid the evening breeze were captivating .

 His lips arched slightly into a mesmerizing smile .

 He gently extended his hand to her, his palm facing up . With an arch of his brow, his eyes sent an invitation to her .

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 She, too, reached out . Her breathing suddenly quickened upon placing her hand in his .

 She remained somewhat in disbelief that everything here was real .

 At such a romantic moment, she posed a very silly question .

 “Mu Yazhe…” Her gaze lifted and flickered . “Is that you?”

 The man only replied with an outstretched palm .

 Holding her hand in his, he conveniently pulled her into his embrace . Caught off guard, she stumbled and fell into his strong arms, which supported her weight .

 When she looked up, she saw the love in his smiling, deep-set eyes .

 “It’s me, little fool . ”

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 ‘It’s me, little fool . ’

 Her heart melted a little at his endearing and loving pet name for her .

 Just a couple of hours ago, Hua Jin called her that, too .

 She only felt annoyance and extreme dislike at his act of calling her that .

 However, when her man called her the same thing, she could taste sweetness in her mouth .

 She found it unbelievable even now . She was afraid that everything would be nothing but a dream, and when she woke up, she would find herself still in the production team, sitting alone in her empty hotel room .

 Hence, she could not resist encircling his waist with his arms . She had been very much longing for this moment!

 Behind him, the Ferris wheel stopped revolving .

 As he lifted her chin to give her lips a peck, he softly asked, “Do you like the Ferris wheel?”

 She nodded smilingly . “Yes, I like it!”

 “Do you want to go on a ride in it?”


 The man smiled and then took her hand before they boarded the ride together .

 Only the two of them were in the huge Ferris wheel .

 The woman could not contain the excitement within her . Leaning against the window, she admiringly looked at the beautiful scenery outside as the cabin gradually rose high .