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Published at 16th of July 2020 10:20:10 PM
Chapter 1611: 1611

Thoroughly embarrassed, they knowingly dispersed .

 Those female extras did not forget to look back and glare at the actress before walking away with jealousy .

 The corners of the artist’s eyes twitched harshly at that .

 This man would be a femme fatale if placed in ancient times .

 “Shishi, don’t be afraid; with me around, no one will dare to bully you, ” said the idol .

 “You don’t have to speak on my behalf . ”

 Was she not attacked by the rest of them all because of him?!

 This man was a source of calamity!

 Qin Zhou was absolutely right .

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 She should keep her distance from him .

 Her assistant said that he had someone with notable status funding his career .

 At this thought, the artist was even more guarded against him .

 Regardless of his unfathomable financial supporter, she could not afford to provoke those fans of his in the production team!

 Therefore, she grumbled, “Can you stop bothering me?”

 “Ugh… but I only like you!”

 She could take it no more . If she was unable to provoke them, could she at least hide from him?

 She, thus, got up in a flash, with him following suit right away . He asked while smiling, “Where are you going?”

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 “Stop following me!”

 “Hey!” Seeing how fast she was, he hurriedly grabbed her hand .

 Yun Shishi flinched harshly as if she had been scalded by fire . She brushed his hand away angrily .

 She turned around in fury to glare at him, only to see a playful and mischievous expression hanging on his face . Amid her anger, she surreptitiously scanned their surroundings . Realizing that not many people were paying attention to them, she asked through gritted teeth, “What exactly are your intentions?”


 Hua Jin turned to the side and pondered on it for a moment before his lips curved into a devious smirk . He inched closer to her and landed a kiss on her cheek .

 “Is wanting to sleep with you considered an intention?”

 With a bang, her mind imploded!

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 What did he mean?!

 She looked at him in disbelief, seeing that his expression was serious and yet playful . She could not tell whether he was being truthful or just joking around!

 Was this… not going too far even for a joke?!

 Her eyes widened in shock .


 She reached out and pushed him . With the man unable to react in time, he fell to the ground .

 As he fell to the ground made of cement, he accidentally scraped the skin of his palms . His handsome brows furrowed in pain as he frowned innocently .

 His beauty was like a painting . Even with his frown, he was still earthshakingly gorgeous .

 The abrupt scene garnered everyone’s attention .

 Gu Xiaoyang turned around . Seeing the commotion, he left his things aside and walked over with a frown .

 “What happened?”

 The actress was stunned for a moment . She lost her rationality earlier due to her anger; thus, she failed to control the level of strength she used . For a split-second, she did not know how to respond . “Director, he…”

 “What’s wrong?”

 “Nothing’s wrong!” responded the idol as he climbed up to his feet . He dusted off the dirt on his clothes casually and smiled . “I was just playing around with her!”

 The director glared at him sullenly; his lips twitched a little as if wanting to say something but ultimately choosing not to do so .

 It was as though he were trying to stamp down his rising temper . He took a breath of cold air before saying with furrowed brows, “Don’t fool here on set . There are facilities everywhere . The shoot will be interrupted if anything gets broken!”

 The actress was a little taken aback .

 This producer was known for his explosive temper . He had long taken notice of Hua Jin and was already inwardly furious at him pestering her continuously .