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Chapter 1610: 1610

Therefore, they mustered up their courage and surrounded the two in hopes of being part of their seeming ‘clique’ .

 “Hua Jin, you look so beautiful in your costume!”

 “That’s right! By the way, I-I’m… a fan of yours, and I’ve been watching you ever since you debuted…”

 A few supporting artists balled up their hands into fists with flushed faces . They were clearly very nervous .

 Just as they waited expectantly for his response, the man only paid attention to Yun Shishi as he gazed at her with a smile . It was as if he had not heard them trying to strike up a conversation with him . He continued asking the woman persistently, “Sis, sis… Why are you ignoring me?”

 The artist could take it no longer . “Hey! Who are you calling your sister?!”

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 “You are my sister, sis,” said the idol with shimmering eyes .

 “Stop messing around, alright?” She looked at him bitterly as if she were on the verge of collapsing . “I’m very busy here . I ought to memorize my lines . ”

 “We’re shooting the scenes today; we can run lines with each other . ”

 “No!” She rejected him with coldly furrowed brows .

 “Why not?”

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 The artist was ready to explode . Lifting her eyes, she spoke in a harsh tone, “Hey, you’re bothering me! I’m busy memorizing my lines here; can you stop pestering me?”

 The man was stumped . Hurt was evident on his face as he looked at her pitifully with his reddened peach-blossom eyes .

 The extras were originally brimming with awkwardness from being ignored by him, but when they saw how he was being wronged and how innocent and lost he looked, their hearts brimmed with tender affection for him . Thus, they accused the artist with righteous indignation . “Hey! Yun Shishi, don’t go overboard! Why are you bullying Hua Jin?!”

 “Yeah! Brother Hua wanted to practice lines with you out of the goodness of his heart . It’s fine that you don’t wanna reciprocate his goodwill, but why must you bully him with your harsh words?!”

 “Hmph! You guys didn’t know, but even though she’s a newcomer, her background is way better than any of us . That’s why she’s acting like a bigshot now! He he! Our idol wanted to practice lines with her, yet she’s pretending to be all cold and aloof, making him look bad in front of everyone here . That’s just too much!”

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 The ridicule around them began to rise and fall in succession .

 Mu Xi could not bear hearing them go on any longer . She placed a hand on her waist and defended her artist . “Hey! What’re you all doing?! What does this matter have to do with you guys? How my charge is like has nothing to do with you all! Have you all memorized your lines—your positions? If you’re so free, let’s see if you can do your scenes in one take later on without any retakes!”

 Yun Shishi held the back of her assistant’s hand . “That’s enough!”

 She paused for a moment before turning to look at the chilly faces around her and sneering . “My background doesn’t concern any of you . If you have the time, be more concerned with yourselves, alright?”

 The crowd was stunned . They ground their teeth, ready to bicker with her when she asked, “Can you not block my way?”


 “Hey . ” Hua Jin spoke out of nowhere .

 When one of the female extras heard him speak, she did not wait for him to continue before excitedly saying, “Don’t go down her level! She thinks she’s a big celebrity now . She isn’t regarding you with any importance at all—”

 He interrupted her impatiently . “What does this have to do with you?”

 Female extra: “…”

 His face darkened . “I like her personality . This is none of your business . Get lost, all of you!”

 Hearing this, the crowd was heartbroken . Being fans of him, they were hurt by how coldly he was treating them .