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Published at 16th of July 2020 02:35:17 PM
Chapter 1606

Did she not know that putting on such artificial airs only made her look like a jumping beam clown?

 Yun Shishi faced away and brought back her attention to reading her script .

 Gu Xiaoyang also heard something odd and looked over his shoulder; the moment he saw the media surrounding Lin Zhi, his brows furrowed .

 His temper was truly strange .

 He put much importance to the rules on set . During their taking, he was firmly against anyone dropping by for any reason, much less a bombastic appearance like the actress’ .

 If the media was on set during filming, this could lead to a leak, which would be very detrimental to the suspenseful air they were building for the show’s release .

 Not that dropping by was forbidden, but a shoot was a shoot, after all . No one should be bringing something unrelated to it on set!

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 “Where did these reporters come from?!” he asked, his brows drawn together tightly .

 The log-keeper shook his head .

 He yelled in outrage, “Haven’t I said countless times that the set should be sealed from the public during filming so that no reporters or fans could enter?!”

 “Director, I’ve already deployed people to seal the set . This… I have no idea what’s going on!”

 He threw the script to the ground and walked to the front of the actress . Flailing his hands, he said, “This is no time to be dropping by; all of you, get lost!”

 The man was famous for his explosive temper . The media did not dare to offend him, so under his command, they scampered away from the site, leaving an awkward artist behind .

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 “Director, I—”

 He did not wait for her explanation and began scolding her in his ire . “Shut up! Haven’t I warned you before not to cause any commotion on set? Do you think you’re in possession of superb acting skills just because you have the lead role in my show? Is it because you think that you are so talented, and that’s why you believe that you can do anything you want and disregard everyone else here? How dare you let those paparazzi in and cause a mess during filming?! Don’t you know how much I hate outsiders entering the set during a shoot?!”

 He was not leaving her any face in front of the others .

 Her face was flushed from humiliation . “Director… I think you’re misunderstanding me! I have no idea how those reporters got in…”

 “You have no idea?!” He scoffed at that . “Aren’t you the one who knows best how they came in? Acting dumb right in front of me—did you think I am easily fooled?! Did you clinch the title of ‘best actress’? Are you a top-tier celebrity? Why were those reporters afraid of you but no one else? Do you still need me to be blunter about this?! Just for some publicity, you completely disregarded the interests of the production team . Did you ever consider the feelings of others?! Did you consider mine?!”

 In front of everyone, the man exposed her lie ruthlessly, leaving the actress completely shame-faced .

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 When the extra, who had guessed earlier that the actress had hired those media men to drop by, heard his words, she let out a laugh . “I told you so! He he!”

 What else could the actress say to explain herself?

 The director had no interest in listening to her excuses at all .

 “Look at your face; what is up with your makeup? Didn’t I ask the stylist to give you willow eyebrows and cherry lips?! Take a mirror and look at yourself!”

 When she had those reporters drop by, she specifically requested the makeup artist to give her a Korean-style makeover so that she would look good on camera and the cover of the publication .

 The man berated her harshly .

 Lin Zhi was so ashamed that she could not show her face .


 She looked at him with misty and miserable eyes as if on the verge of crying .

 She purposely pretended to look pitiful to gain his understanding, but unfortunately for her, this producer was well-known for his apathy . He did not fall for her tricks one bit . “I’m giving you one last warning: Don’t pull funny schemes again around here!”