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Published at 14th of July 2020 10:35:06 PM
Chapter 1605: 1605

Youyou snorted . “Mommy will surely prefer my cake!”

 With drooped lashes, Little Yichen whimpered, “You’re bullying me! Are you saying that my present is not nice-looking?”

 “Well, I can’t help that you’re stupid, but then again, given your stupidity, you’ve made a lot of progress considering the end product . ”

 He got all delighted . “Really? I think so, too . He he!”

 He then pestered his father . “What have you prepared for mommy?”

 Mu Yazhe put a slender finger against his lips, which had a deep smile, and merely kept mum, keeping his son in suspense .

 His older son grunted, “Petty! Daddy is so petty!”

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 As the younger boy predicted, Yun Shishi did forget that it was her birthday today and had no clue at all about the surprise awaiting her!

 Since her arrival to the movie set early this morning, she had been busy changing into her costume, applying makeup, and participating in the filming .

 There were a lot of outdoor scenes recently as the weather was clear these days . The thought of suspending from a harness later inevitably made her feel somewhat jittery since it would be her first time doing so .

 At the set, while Director Gu and the martial-arts teacher were having a tense discussion about the impending wirework scene, the female artist changed into a pink, silk dress .

 The upcoming scene would be where Hua Jin’s character and hers, Yun Cheng and Qin Xueyao respectively, met for the first time at a birthday celebration in the Wang manor . According to the script, while the female character was climbing up a tree to retrieve a kite, she slipped and fell off; this was when the male lead would appear and rescue the damsel in distress .

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 It was also how the two met and how she fell in love with him .

 She had two scenes that day; one with the idol and another with Lin Zhi .

 Once she was done dressing, she familiarized herself with her positioning before the camera, which had to be done before filming as it was a very crucial step .

 The upcoming wirework scene weighed heavily on her as well . She was very worried and stressed that her performance would be subpar .

 Just then, there was a loud commotion on set .

 She looked past her shoulder, only to see the flickering of countless flashlights .

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 It turned out that her co-actress had arrived on set in her outfit .

 Many reporters were visiting the filming site that day . Their focus and limelight were naturally on the main leads of the movie .

 The audience was highly anticipating how sparks would fly between the primetime king and queen of period dramas .

 Hence, the senior actress’s appearance on set sent the paparazzi into a frenzy as they aimed their cameras at her and madly snapped pictures .

 The other actors and actresses present looked at her enviously .

 “As expected of Lin Zhi! Being the female lead, she has so many celebrity reporters dropping by to see her; the limelight is all on her!” A female supporting character sighed in envy .

 “Hmph! We don’t even know if those reporters were hired by her . Her exposure rate is so low these days that she can’t even compare to that highly popular newbie! I bet that they were paid to come!” another supporting character retorted snidely .

 The actress’s arrival caused a sensation on set, which she enjoyed very much . She would even smile at the paparazzi from time to time .

 1It seemed that the actress came prepared . She had an exquisite makeup on and, under the flashing lights, posed, as well as acted, coquettishly .

 All the reporters eagerly flocked to her and even occasionally handed her a microphone for an interview .

 Her lips curled up when she noticed Yun Shishi looking at her . The smugness in her eyes appeared to reveal her silent ostentation .

 The latter frowned .

 This woman… really has nothing better to do .