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Published at 14th of July 2020 10:35:10 PM
Chapter 1604

Staring at the figurine with a crooked lips in his hand, the boy turned and fumed in aggravation, “Daddy, why did you stand behind me without making a sound? Don’t you know that it’s frightening?!”

 “I didn’t do it on purpose . Who knew that you’re such a coward?” The man felt wronged . “Look at your hand-baked birthday cake; those three figurines are so cute, but mine is ferocious-looking! I object to it!”

 “Your objection is invalid!”

 Lifting the figurine, the boy carefully examined and compared it to his father . He then expressed his view . “It looks very much like you . ”

 1Mu Yazhe: “…”

 “Well, that’s how you usually look!” His gaze then fell on the figurine’s crooked mouth and he chuckled . “Daddy, you’re such a poor thing; your mouth is all crooked!”

 “It’s all your fault!” cried his father .

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 He retorted, “If not for you silently standing behind me, I wouldn’t have gotten a shock and ended up making a mistake!”

 The man chuckled . Giving his son a back hug, he rested his chin on the little lad’s shoulder as he looked at his sugar-stained hands . “Are you giving this to your mother as a birthday gift?”


 The boy then placed his father’s figurine on the cake and did a final touch-up . As he worked on the cake, he asked, “Does it look good?”

 The man put on a solemn yet pensive face as he pondered on it for a bit before giving his evaluation . “It’s passable . ”

 “What do you mean by ‘passable’?!” Youyou protested out of outrage . “I think I’ve done a fantastic job here!”

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 “Can these sugar figurines be eaten?”

 “Aside from mommy’s figurine and mine, you can eat any of those left!” he graciously offered .

 His father knitted his brows and feigned dissatisfaction in a teasing tone . “Why can I only eat mine and your brother’s but not yours and your mommy’s?”

 “He he! That’s because mommy’s figurine is the most adorable of all; no one else is allowed to eat it!”

 Done with the last step, he looked at the finished product and reveled in his excellent craftsmanship .

 “What a beautiful cake! Mommy will definitely like my homemade cake!”

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 With that, he pivoted on his feet and laced his arms around his father’s shoulders . “Daddy, when are we visiting the movie set?!”

 “We’ll go after your brother is let out from school . ”

 “Yippee!” He was overjoyed . “I can finally see my dearest mommy! I almost couldn’t sleep last night from all my longing for her! She surely has forgotten that today is her birthday; I must give her a big birthday surprise!”

 His father scratched his nose indulgently . “Alright!”

 Little Yichen saw the exquisite-looking cake in the kitchen when he returned home from school .

 He rushed over and stared at it for a long time . His saliva was about to drool at the sight!

 He then turned and ran toward his brother, chirping happily like a little bird .

 “Bro, did you bake this for mommy?”

 “Yes, I did!”

 The younger twin was feeling very proud of himself .

 The greedy, older boy pestered thusly . “When are we going to the movie set?”

 The father and sons decided the night before that they would visit the movie set today to give the woman in their family a big birthday surprise .

 Out of their excitement and anticipation for her birthday today, the twins did not manage to get a good sleep last night .

 The older brother’s gift to his mother was also made by him personally . He dangled the gift in front of his twin in a mysterious manner .