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Published at 11th of July 2020 10:25:11 PM
Chapter 1594

The school term started about a month ago, and the children in his class liked him very much .

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 If they knew that he was going to transfer schools, they would definitely cry and howl in dismay!

 The emotions of children made them easily susceptible to dependency .


 The crowd was reluctant .

 “Bye, Youyou! Bye, Youyou’s dad!”

 The little beans sent the father-son pair to the entrance of the teacher’s lounge before going back to their classroom .

 Mu Yazhe carried his son up . Following the magnificent farewell that they received, he subconsciously patted his little bum .

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 “Son, you sure are popular in your class!”

 The boy burst out laughing . “Daddy is really attractive as well! Those little fellas really like how you look!”

 “Little fellas?”

 He was amused by the way his son described his peers . “Baby, you are the same age as them . Calling them that makes you sound so old and decrepit!”

 Hearing this, the latter hugged his neck and gave him a huge kiss on the cheek .

 “Daddy, it’s so great that you came today!”

 The former was stunned for a moment before smiling . “Why do you say so?”

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 “I’m so happy today because your appearance proved that I am just like them—that I also have a daddy who loves and dotes on me!”

 The little self-esteem the boy had truly received a great boost .

 His self-esteem had always been slightly different from the other kids .

 In the past, he was very envious of the others for having mommies and daddies . He was envious that they each had a joyous and harmonious family .

 Today, his daddy appeared beside him like a god who had descended from the heavens .

 He gently lay his head on his father’s shoulder as his pink and tender lips curved into a smile .

 “Honestly, I’ve always dreamed of this day for the time I could remember!”

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 He had this fascination that, one day, while he was having class in school, his daddy would suddenly appear at the window just like the rest of his classmates’ fathers, and watch him gently with his loving gaze .

 He had been waiting for this moment a long time ago .

 The man carried the boy as he slung the heavy schoolbag on his shoulder effortlessly .

 Hearing his son’s innermost thoughts, he felt his heart ache along with gratification .

 Meeting Yun Shishi was the luckiest thing that had ever happened to him .

 Because of her, he was blessed with such an obedient boy .

 Carrying the kid into the car, he drove back to the office and brought him in . Thereafter, he made a call to the principal’s office in Yichen’s school . When the call connected, he directly stated his purpose for calling . The moment the principal heard it, he responded, “Sir, there’s no need for you to process the admission procedures personally! If it’s convenient, please just send over the necessary information, and I’ll settle it for you!”

 “Sorry to trouble you, Principal Dong! Then, I’ll have my assistant send you the information shortly . ”

 The principal laughed courteously . “Ah! What do you mean by that? It’s just what I must do . He he!”

 The man hung up the call and sat back in his seat . Youyou had taken off his suit and was now wearing a shirt, suspenders, and pants . He sat on top of his father’s office desk calmly as he swayed his legs back and forth leisurely . He scanned the furnishings around him curiously . The atmosphere was filled with the air of commercial affairs, displaying the experience and how grounded the owner of the office was .

 “Your office is so big!”

 “Is it?”

Youyou nodded . “Yup! It’s bigger than my office by a little . ”