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Published at 10th of July 2020 10:40:06 PM
Chapter 1593: 1593
Chapter 1593: Can we swap fathers?

Classmate B: “Your father looks so young . He’s like a movie star . Can I take a picture with him?”

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Youyou: “As you wish!”

All the kids: “Yay! Awesome!”

“I want, too!”

“Bring me along!”

As the boy smiled in great satisfaction, he sidled up to his father and whispered into his ear, “Daddy, play along with me, alright?”

The man’s mouth gave a slight twitch following his son’s request .

Right now, he almost wanted to hold his son in case this little one got lost with all the praises and envious remarks!

Still, the man could not help feeling happy and sweet inside at how proud the lad was of him .

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His son was proud to have him as his father .

This was a joy to him!

Making his son proud could generate such a good feeling, huh!

His mood was elevated at the thought of this . Cocking a brow, he asked, “How do you want me to play along?”

“What you must do next is sit still and not move; that’s all . ”

Thus, the man sat still like a model as this horde of kids descended on him . Over the next few minutes, the little ones squeezed and surrounded him to take a number of group photos .

He himself did not enjoy being photographed . Even high-profile reporters rarely got the chance to snap a shot of him fully .

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Now, because of his son, these kiddos earned themselves a good deal .

A few small girls were so swooned by him that they went to touch his slender hands furtively during the photo-taking .

The man did not know whether to cry or laugh at their action .

Classmate C: “Your father is so pretty! How about swapping fathers with me? I give mine to you, and you give yours to me!”

The boy’s face instantly turned frosty and stern when he heard that . “No way!”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want your father; I only have this one daddy!”

With that, as if to declare his sovereignty over him, he leaned to his father and clung onto his arm .

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The children lamented in disappointment .

Looking at his son’s face which was full of pride, he had to cover his face in half-jest . His eyes, though, shone with unspeakable loving indulgence .

His son might be tickling him with his proud face, but at the same time, he found him unbelievably adorable .

As he packed his son’s stuff, he stopped to flip through his textbooks . Rows of neat and pretty Chinese characters lined the history textbook . Other than the visible traces of the pages being turned, the textbook looked as good as new, remaining in its original pristine condition when it was first bought .

One look, and he could tell that the child was the most serious one in class; he then inadvertently thought of his older son’s textbooks .

These two might be brothers, but when it came to studies, both were worlds apart .

Once he was done packing his son’s things, he moved to leave with him, but the kiddos flocked to them again .

“Youyou, school isn’t over yet; are you leaving now?”

“Where are you going?”

The boy replied, “I have some things to settle at home . All of you, pay attention to class!”

He gave a patronizing answer and omitted the part about him transferring schools . He knew these kids would not let him go if they were to find out that he was leaving them for good!

His magnetism could not be underestimated .

The school term had just started a month ago, but the children in his class already liked him this much .