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Chapter 1592

As for the elite family of the Mus, people like her could only watch and admire them from far . There was no way she could touch even the hem of their clothes!

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 Wang Guimiao was thoroughly terrified by now . She might be ignorant and unsophisticated, but at the very least, she knew enough that they could not afford to offend this capital’s most powerful family .

 Their authority was long-established and far-reaching, indeed!

 Mu Yazhe carried his son to his class to pack up the school bag . They would not be attending the meet-the-parents’ session this afternoon .

 He had decided to transfer his younger son to the school his older son was attending .

 It was lunchtime right around the corner, so the class was especially chaotic, but it went hush the instant the tall man walked inside!

 The bunch of small, young ones stared at him, with many pairs of eyes checking him out of curiosity and uneasiness!

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 They mistakenly identified him as a senior leader under the school management who had come for a surprise inspection of their class!

 The education bureau had started their random round of school checks recently; hence, senior members from it were often seen inside the school compound .

 However, when they saw the man walking toward Youyou’s seat to pack his bag, the children immediately recognized him for their classmate’s father!

 Oh, gosh… He’s so tall and handsome!

 He’s even better looking than the idols seen on TV!

 This was the first time the man had stepped inside a school compound, much less one filled with children . In fact, this was his first time ever appearing in a school as a parent .

 As he sat in front of the low table to pack his son’s stuff, his face sank .

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 His long and slender body was especially conspicuous in front of this low desk .

 Embarrassed, he tried wiggling around to find a suitable position but to no avail . He eventually concluded that the bench was too small for him; it was to the point that his long limbs could get stuck in this tiny space .

 His son was completely enjoying the moment, though, and even stood beside him to bask in the attention he had brought him . Unabashed, the boy accepted his classmates’ envious and amazed look with no reservation!

 Many of these children were envious of him for having such a young and handsome father!

 Children, being kids, had the tendency to compare themselves with one another .

 Oftentimes, they would compare their parents .

 Such as whose mother was younger and prettier, or whose father was better-looking and suave; they would even compete on whose family was richer .

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 These would be the things they liked to compare .

 The man glanced at his son, only to see the latter grinning from ear to ear with his hands behind his back . His expression told his father that he was positively smug and jubilant right now!

 In the past, this lad could only envy his classmates as their fathers sent them to school .

 Now, finally, it was his turn to be envied!

 Of course, he felt good!

 His father looked on with pursed lips and broke into a chuckle .

 His son was seven, after all, and though his thinking might be of that age at times, it was, nevertheless, adorable!

 While the man busied with tidying his stuff, some of the boy’s classmates crowded around him for a chat .

 Classmate A: “Is this uncle your father?”

 Youyou: “Yes!”

 Classmate A: “Wow! I’m so envious of you! Your father is really handsome!”

 Youyou: “Of course! If my daddy isn’t, how can I be so adorable?”

 1That classmate of his was gazing with starry eyes by then .

 Mu Yazhe: “…”

 Can this little fellow not be so ostentatious?!