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Chapter 1591: 1591

His wife’s eyes had turned red from anger by then; she was truly lost for words but, seeing the anxiety on his face, knew better to keep her mouth shut . Inwardly, she wondered if this man was a powerful figure, enough for her husband to nearly grovel for mercy .

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 “I think that won’t be necessary . ” The young man did not want to continue this conversation, and his eyes fell on Lin Anguo’s outreached hands, which were blocking his way . “Let me pass . ”

 “Sir…” persisted the magistrate .

 The man’s side-eye instantly grew sharper and colder .

 The judge dared not insist further and could only unwillingly give way for the other to pass through with much pain and remorse!

 The moment Mu Yazhe walked away, the office turned into an explosive mess .

 Wang Guimiao sobbed in self-pity, then started criticizing and blaming her husband . With her incessant nagging ringing into his ears, the incensed man was further aggravated, scolding in return, “Shut up! Haven’t you disgraced us enough? You’ve created such a big scene! Woman, are you only satisfied when I die in front of you?!

 The woman widened her eyes in astonishment . “What do you mean by that?!”

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 At that point, her husband was too incensed to explain anything .

 She walked up to him, crying and asking at the same time, “What’s happening here? Who is he? Why are you so respectful and fearful of him to the point of you wanting me to kneel in apology to him? You explain it to me now!”

 Her husband sat fuming at one side . Frustrated, he recalled the penetrating anger on the young man’s face before he left and started fretting again .

 “I think you are out to play me!”

 That only made his wife’s face turn red from anxiety .

 The principal stepped forward to inquire as well . “Mr . Lin, that… Youyou’s father, who exactly is he? You seem… to know him!”

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 The judge snorted, seemingly in self-jest . “If I knew such a prominent figure, then I wouldn’t be in this mess! It’s a pity, but it’s a case of me knowing him and him not knowing the puny me!”

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 Even Ms . Yuan was struck speechless by this .

 Out of the blue, the court official spoke sullenly . “Do you all know that that person is Mu Yazhe, the Mu Group’s chairman?! I’ve clearly offended him this time; right now, I don’t know what he’ll do to me in return!”

 “Mu Group—ah!” The principal was overwhelmed by the news .

 Mu Group?!

 Isn’t that…

 This capital’s Mu family?!

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 Oh, god!

 Everybody knows that name!

 Could it be true?

 “This boy, Tianyou, isn’t his surname Yun? How is his father connected to the Mu Group?!” muttered the principal in bewilderment .

 “How do I know?! I found him looking familiar the moment I stepped in and saw his face! Suddenly, I recalled seeing his picture in an international financial magazine, and that’s how I recognized him finally!” He was angry with himself for not discovering this earlier as well .

 “Ahh—” His wife was stunned for words . “Mu?!”

 She had heard of that family .

 That family was the elite of the elites in the capital .

 There were two types of rich people .

 The upstarts were those who had gotten rich and famous overnight .

 However, the true elites could only be produced every three hundred years .

 The Mu family was such a kind of elite—the one which came with a strong foundation and a family history that could be traced back a few hundred years ago .

 For an upstart like her, it was practically impossible for her to step into the elite circle even if she were to use her entire family fortune .