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Chapter 1590: 1590
Chapter 1590: Antagonized

The principal stood warily at one side . Seeing the magistrate’s respectful attitude toward Mu Yazhe, he could tell that the young man was no simple folk!

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Thus, he also shut his trap and stopped making a scene!

The form teacher held back her displeasure and looked at Youyou’s father with surprise in her eyes .

It appears that my student’s father isn’t so simple .

This judge must’ve found out his identity, and that’s why he’s acting so respectful now!

She could still recall the arrogant and dignified look on the man’s face despite him not speaking a word earlier when she warned him not to offend the Lins .

Initially, she reckoned him to know no better when he remained unimpressed with her caution . Now, she could not help shuddering at the thought of his identity!

How much nonsense had she spouted in front of this formidable figure?!

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She did not know if he had taken her words to heart .

Her heart was in jittery as her thoughts wandered; she was itching to find out the identity of this man by then .

“How about… this, Chairman Mu…”

After thinking for a while, Lin Anguo cautiously asked, “I’ll have my wife and son apologize to your son! I just hope that you won’t take her disrespectful words to heart!”

The man could not be bothered to reply .

His son, on the other hand, questioned with interest, “In what way are you going to extend the apology?”

This got the magistrate dumbstruck .

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Cocking a brow, the boy probed further with a smile . “Are they going to apologize on their knees?”


He hesitated .

His wife could no longer keep her cool . She stood up suddenly and yelled, “Anguo, are you mad?! Do you really want me to kneel in front of this boy? Are you really thinking of acceding to this ridiculous condition?”

She found the lad’s condition unreasonable, and what was even more ridiculous was that her husband was considering it!

What the h*ck?!

It’s… unbelievable!

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The kid turned and asked, “Ridiculous? Isn’t this what you’ve said earlier? You indignantly wanted my father and me to kneel before you and apologize, right?”

How could he forget that outrageous insult?!

Although he did not say this in front of his father, the lad could distinctly remember her shouting that for all to hear in this office!

He could vividly recall every word she had uttered .

His father asked with a frown, “Did she say that?”

The court official also turned to his wife questioningly . “Did you really say that?”

Feeling panicky, the woman could only stammer, “I-I…”

I did say that, but I only said that in a fit of anger . The words were just scare tactics; who would take them for real?!

Mu Yazhe’s face sank darker and colder . “Hmph! Mr . Lin, I can see now how you have disciplined your household!”

With that, he carried his son and stood up, refusing to waste his breath with these people!

He was really antagonized by now .

He would punish this family later .

If not, others might think that his son could be easily bullied by anyone!

He he!

When the magistrate saw the man leaving, he panicked and quickly tried to stop him, pleading, “Sir, please don’t be offended by my wife! She’s ill-mannered and impulsive with her words . I’m terribly sorry that she has offended you! If you are willing, getting her to apologize to you on her knees isn’t a problem!”