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Chapter 1586: 1586

One was standing whereas the other was sitting . Despite his height advantage, Lin Anguo still felt a trace of extraordinary oppression!

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 The other man was noble, elegant, and insufferably arrogant .

 Though he was just calmly and silently sitting there, the man’s dignified aura assaulted him when he casually looked at him!

 From this young and handsome man’s eyes, he felt a hint of pressure!

 As he subtly evaded his scrutiny, he felt sullen about it!

 This man’s eyes were too intimidating!

 Somehow, he found the man quite familiar and got this nagging feeling that he had seen him somewhere before!

 Nothing came to his mind, though .

 He was still feeling a little muddled as he had just gotten off his busy work!

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 Upon seeing him, the principal got to his feet right; his facial expression had changed . With a glowing and flattering look, he smilingly welcomed the new arrival . Even though it was subtle, it still gave people an indescribable sense of discomfort .

 “Oh, Judge Lin! You’re here!”

 It lacked the authoritative tone he used on Mu Yazhe .

 ‘A lowly official still ranks higher than a commoner . ’

 That saying was true, indeed .

 The man humbly said, “Eh? Please don’t address me that way! I’m not in court now!”

 The other nodded obligingly, but the flattery in his eyes did not ebb even for a bit . He continued to welcome the man cheerfully and even showed him to a seat .

 The magistrate’s wife quickly attached herself to him upon his arrival .

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 Taken aback by the coyness in her voice, Youyou shuddered and got goosebumps on his skin .

 What a horrifyingly and disgustingly coy voice!

 The husband remained slightly aloof, though . After all, as the chief judge from the Government Affairs Hall, he had a proud background . Having worked in the government sector for so many years, his manner carried a thick layer of authority . He was rigid and dignified .

 He cleared his throat gravely . “What’s the matter?”

 “Your son has been bullied in school!” she grumbled in grievance .

 “Come here, son!”

 The boy obediently walked over at his father’s beckoning .

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 “What’s going on?”

 “Dad…” He bowed his head, feeling aggrieved . Tears started to spill from his eyes .

 “Real men don’t cry!”

 The man pretended to chide his son before asking in concern, “Tell me what happened!”

 “He… hit me . Yun Tianyou hit me…”

 He pointed an accusing finger to the other boy aggrievedly as tears rolled down his face .

 Hearing that, his father promptly pulled his son to him and carefully examined him . At first, the man thought that the boy was only hurt at his forehead, but he was shocked to find his son’s body covered in bruises and wounds .

 It was far beyond his expectation .

 The sight of these wounds and bruises on his son’s body enraged him . His head shot up as he looked at Mu Yazhe .

 “Are you the father of my son’s assailant?!”

 The latter calmly nodded . “Yes . ”

 “Hubby, the boy’s father is very arrogant and sarcastic!”

 After exaggerating the entire matter to her husband, the woman crossed her arms in front of her chest and gave him the ultimatum .

 “I’ll leave this matter to you; do as you deem fit!”

 It did not faze Youyou, though, and he just calmly remained in his father’s arms, seemingly paying no attention to them .