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Published at 8th of July 2020 02:30:25 PM
Chapter 1585

The more words she spoke, the more agitated she got, which resulted in her starting to spout some nasty things . “I’m sure you’ve heard of this saying: ‘Without rules, nothing can be done’! Since your son is in the wrong, shouldn’t you, as a parent, apologize to us on his behalf? Putting aside the matter of my child’s injury, shouldn’t you punish your boy for saying such disrespectful words?”

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 “Ah, auntie, so you do know that children should be punished when they do something wrong! Knowing this, why didn’t you take your child in hand? Plus, there’s no need for you to worry about me . ”

 The boy’s remark infuriated her so much that she trembled in anger . She stood up, stormed outside the room, and made a phone call .

 Separated by a door, no one knew who she was calling, but they could faintly hear her enraged voice!

 “Where are you now…

 “Come over at once, hubby, and teach that naïve pair of father and son a good lesson!”

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 With Mu Yazhe’s exceptional hearing, her voice reached him . The corners of his lips lifted into an arc .

 When the woman returned to the office, she became even more pompous than before . Her eyes were filled with scorn and ridicule .

 “I shan’t bother reasoning with you people! My husband will be here soon! You can say whatever you want to him, instead! Heh! Don’t blame me for not reminding you; my husband is a judge from the Government Affairs Hall! You’d better show your respect, or else… he he!”

 Her words were laced with threat .

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 Lin Feng was about to sit down smugly when he heard his nemesis scoff . “A typical example of a parvenu . ”

 Rumors had it that his mother, Wang Guimiao, was an upstart . Her ancestors left behind several acres of land with houses built in her hometown—a village in the capital . When the government decided to demolish the place, she received tens of millions of yuan in compensation, which she then used to start a business . The opportune moment contributed to her business’ success .

 Her husband, on the other hand, was just a poor college student when they were dating . It was only through her strong support that he got where he was today .

 As such, the Lins became even more honorable than before!

 Youyou had the family investigated long ago . From what he saw today, it seemed that the woman was truly a typical example of a nouveau riche .

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 The middle-aged woman nearly lost her cool when she heard the boy’s remark but endured it!


 Little b*st*rd!

 Wait and see how my husband teaches you and your father a lesson!

 She could not wait to see the boy’s father groveling before her husband!

 She glanced at the aristocratic-looking man, who was seated in a chair nonchalantly .

 She chuckled inwardly .  This man can sure put up a good pretense! Let’s see how long he can keep it up when my hubby gets here!

 A while later, a flurry of approaching footsteps could be heard from outside .

 A middle-aged man in a coat knocked on the door and entered the office .

 It was Lin Feng’s father, Lin Anguo .

 The man was in his mid-thirties . Although he was no stunner, he carried an air of majesty, which was hard to ignore . Perhaps out of occupational habit, the first thing he did when he entered the room was to scan the room condescendingly with his hawk-like eyes . His gaze finally landed on the father-son pair and stopped there .