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Published at 8th of July 2020 02:30:30 PM
Chapter 1582

Youyou continued . “Grandpa is always urging mommy to find a good man to marry . According to him, without an indomitable man in the family, we’ll get look down on, but due to her strong-mindedness and out of consideration for my feelings, she has stayed single all these years, and since I didn’t know I have a father then, I had the notion to become stronger—all for the sake of protecting our family!”

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 He paused . A warm smile hung on his fair and adorable face .

 “It’s different this time, though . ”

 The boy lifted his head to regard his father earnestly . “I have you now . ”

 The father-son pair shared a warm look before the lad cradled the man’s face .

 His little hands cradled his father’s face . “You’ll always be by our side, right?”

 “Of course,” Mu Yazhe solemnly affirmed, “I will . I promise . ”

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 “But how do you intend to deal with today’s matter?” asked the boy curiously .

 Given his usual methods, if his father had not stepped in, he would have surely created havoc within the Lin family .

 Now that he had power and capital, he no longer needed to tiptoe around people and suffer others’ bullying!

 Since his father had stepped forward, he would leave him to deal with this matter!

 In an overbearing tone, the man snarled, “I won’t spare anyone who bullies my son!”

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 Youyou was again tickled pink . “Excellent! That’s more like it!”

 He then added, “Do you know why that brat and I don’t see eye to eye?”


 “He’s jealous that his crush—a girl from our class—is often following me around, and that’s probably why he’s always picking a fight with me!”

 His wise and mature tone did not match his adorable exterior at all .

 Mu Yazhe’s lip corners twitched hard .

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 The young kid had already embroiled himself in the love and hate entanglement of the adult world!

 The kids now were indeed too mature for their age! They had started mimicking the adults’ way of fighting for others’ affections!

 “Do you have a lot of girls in class liking you?”

 That one question brought up his son’s troubles .

 The latter’s face instantly dimmed as he let out a melancholic sigh .

 “Yes, plenty of them . It’s so annoying…”

 “Isn’t that great?” His father was very pleased . “That’s exactly how it was for me back then!”

 “What’s good about it? Those girls are constantly yakking in my ears; I don’t like that at all,” he confessed, “and I like quiet girls . ”

 He preferred quiet girls over those unreserved girls, who were constantly chasing after him .

 Even though the kids of this age might not have an understanding of love and were just genuinely fond of him—therefore, wanting to play with him, there were just too many of them around him that it had gotten overwhelming!

 The girl whom Lin Feng had a crush on for the longest time was acknowledged as the class’ most adorable girl . However, girls tended to prefer princely Youyou in his neat and elegant outfit over a grubby boy despite being rich .

 Because of that, many of their female classmates fought to gain his affections!

 His immense popularity among the girls was the source of his uninvited troubles!