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Published at 6th of July 2020 11:10:06 PM
Chapter 1581: 1581

The guilt he felt to them was unbearable .

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 A sudden realization hit him; nothing could make up for this seven-year loss .

 The seven-year-old boy should have a beautiful and carefree childhood instead of a lack of paternal love!

 He dared not imagine the pain the child felt when faced with those cynicism!

 Gently caressing his son’s tender chubby cheek with his long and slender fingers, he said gravely, “I’m sorry for letting you suffer many years of grievances . It’s all my fault!”

 These words shocked Youyou badly .

 It had never crossed his mind that his father—this inexpressive man—would ever say such heartfelt words to him .

 His impression of him was cold and imposing . He did not seem to be the type to say something so emotional .

 Still, the boy was truly moved by his father’s emotional words .

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 He could feel the sincerity in them .

 Feeling dazed and incredulous, he only stared blankly at the man .

 The pain in his father’s eyes could not be faked .

 He saw it clearly .

 The man was truly in pain because of him…

 His heart warmed at the emotions surging from within him!

 He did not know if he should rejoice or feel sad about it . While he found comfort in the knowledge that his father’s heart ached for him, it hurt to see the latter’s downcast look .

 Mu Yazhe did not know what was on his son’s mind, though . With crescent eyes, he gave the boy a peck on the forehead . “Listen; with daddy around now, no one can bully you anymore . ”

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 Hearing that, the kid revealed a bright smile on his handsome yet adorable face .

 The adult was stumped .

 “Why are you smiling?”

 The boy stopped smiling as he raised his head and pouted his lips . He bared his heart to his father for once .

 “Daddy, do you know? I’m really glad that you came today . ”

 The man found it incredulous .


 Youyou snuggled a little closer into his embrace and lay on his chest, his eyes brimming with hidden tenderness .

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 His sudden proactiveness caught his father off guard . The latter stiffened slightly .

 The lad took the initiative to hug him .

 This would have been impossible in the past .

 He was overjoyed!

 His son took the initiative to hug him!

 This was probably his son’s best reward to him!

 The man only came out of his daze after a long while . His arms tightened their hold around the lad even further!

 Such a hug was so rare and so precious!

 “Do you know? Rather than mommy, I hope you can attend my meet-the-parents’ session . ”

 “Alright, I promise that, from here on, I’ll be the one to attend all your meet-the-parents’ sessions . ”

 His promise, matched with his facial expression, was as solemn as a wedding vow .

 It thoroughly amused the boy to no end!

 “You look so cute with such a solemn face, daddy!”

 Mu Yazhe: “…”

 “To be honest, mommy and I have been looked down upon in these past seven years . Although I don’t feel aggrieved about it, I still feel indignant!”


 The little boy was baring his heart to him, so he would naturally put all his attention to hearing what his son had to say .