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Chapter 1580

His reply surprised her, and as such, she could no longer resist laying her cards on the table . “Sir, I shall be frank with you . We had another student who didn’t see eye to eye with Lin Feng before . Likewise, the parents were called in because of a fight between their children . Both sides refused to give in and were firm in their stance, but after his father stepped in and used a little means, the poor boy was forced to transfer schools! This is why I don’t want you and your son to go against the Lins!”

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 The man shut his eyes in irritation upon hearing the teacher’s continued speech; his anger was on the verge of exploding .

 The door was suddenly pushed ajar .

 It was the headmaster at the door .

 No one expected the headmaster to be notified of this matter .

 The woman shot to her feet in alarm and stammered, “M-Mr . Wu, why are you here?”

 “This is…” The principal glanced quizzically at the man .

 “This is Youyou’s father, Mr . Mu . ”

 “Oh, hello, sir . ”

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 After offering a lukewarm greeting, he immediately put on a solemn look . “Ms . Yuan, come to my office now!”

 With that, he turned and left .

 Feeling restless now, the teacher excused herself and hastily followed the principal .

 Once the door was closed, Youyou placed his hand on his father’s .

 “Daddy, why did you come? Don’t you have a morning meeting? You may head back to work first since you are busy! I can settle this issue on my own; it’s not a problem . ”

 The considerate boy was afraid that his father’s schedule would be held up as a corollary of this matter .

 The latter’s head dipped as he gave him a penetrating gaze . “Has it always been like this?”


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 “Is that what others say of you?”

 He stiffened .

 His father must be referring to how outsiders were always calling him an ill-mannered b*st*rd all these years .

 Not wanting to delve into the topic, he simply replied, “They thought I was a b*st*rd then . ”

 “A b*st*rd?” The man’s tone suddenly turned sullen . “Didn’t your mother say anything to clear things up?”

 “What for? They just wanted to insult us; she’d only be inviting humiliation with an explanation . ”

 The boy sighed .

 “To be honest, I don’t blame them for saying so . ”

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 “Because even I thought the same . ”

 The boy grew up thinking that he was an illegitimate child—one that must be kept hidden .

 Even so, he did not blame his mother a bit .

 He only had gratitude toward her . If not for her, how else would he be able to see this beautiful world?

 She brought him up, not anyone else . As such, he paid no attention to the slanders and cold looks others gave him .

 His mother was all he cared about .

 His despondency was apparent in his voice, though . The man’s heart trembled as he blurted out, “You’re not!”

 He gently caressed his son’s small face . “Son, you’re not a bastard! You were never one!”

 The man was desperate to let the lad know that he was no illegitimate child who must be kept hidden!

 “I truly wasn’t aware of your existence for the past six years!”

 At the thought of his son calmly recounting the insults hurled at him and his mother, he felt a stab in his heart .

 His heart ached at the sufferings his woman had gone through and the burden his younger son had silently shouldered .