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Published at 6th of July 2020 11:10:11 PM
Chapter 1579

After a pause, she sincerely explained, “Well, school is a place where people receive their education! The kids spend seven hours here daily and the rest of their time is spent with their parents! While I, as a teacher, do have a responsibility to teach them, so do the parents! The thing is, as you know, kids nowadays are all precious . Should we be a little stricter to them, their parents who spoil them rotten will all make a scene at school! This is especially so in the case of Lin Feng’s parents; on top of always having complaints, they aren’t people whom I can offend easily! I don’t even know how to teach the children anymore, and I can only do my best in whatever way I can! As for your son, I’m especially fond of him—not only is he mature and sensible beyond his age, he is well-behaved and respectful, too! That’s why I don’t wish to see him be at a disadvantage or for you to offend the Lins . You may see me as snobbish, but the reality is that’s how cruel this society is . I’m at the end of my wits! I’m doing this for the sake of your son!”

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That lengthy speech might be her sincere and heartfelt words, but the man found it truly ridiculous and pompous!

 In the end, she made no stand at all .

 Throughout, the boy only watched his teacher patiently persuade them with an indifferent look . He found her words to be simply laughable .

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 Why was he working so hard?

 It was so he could stay away from these foolish folks .

 He pursed his lips in displeasure . “I don’t like what you’re saying, teacher! What do you mean by ‘can’t afford to offend’?”

 “Boy, why are you… misbehaving?”

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 Feeling exasperated and helpless, she shot him a look .

 She sighed and then turned to face his father . “Since the boys don’t get along well with each other, I’ll try to see if I can put them into different classes once we settle this matter . Given your son’s amiable personality, I’m sure the children will all be willing to play with him regardless of the section he’s in! I can only say that Lin Feng is an exception in this case!”

 “Different classes?”

 Mu Yazhe’s lips coldly furled at the corners . “I see no need in doing that!”

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 Once this matter was over, he would have his son transfer schools to the one his older brother was attending .

 Because of the school district and the issue of his registered residence, he could only enroll in the said elementary school .

 The school’s teaching was unexpectedly atrocious, though .

 It was just as well . By transferring him to Yichen’s school, the siblings could keep each other company and even look after each other .

 The older twin was practically the king of his school . His handsome exterior and strong physique might have contributed to his popularity; the girls loved him and the boys were in awe of him . They were all willing to be his followers .

 The school, which the older boy was attending, was funded by a partner company of the Mu Group, in which the latter invested a tidy sum as the teachers’ compensation package . The quality of education there was rather excellent .

 Moreover, with him around, the younger one would not have to be worried about being bullied anymore!

“What do you mean by that?”