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Published at 5th of July 2020 10:25:06 PM
Chapter 1578: 1578

He first posed a question mockingly . “Will your mommy be coming to the meet-the-parents’ session later?”

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 “No, she won’t,” answered the other in a lukewarm tone, not even bothering to lift his head .

 Just as he wanted to mock him, the boy added, “My daddy is, though!”

 His eyes bulged right then . “You don’t have a father, right?”

 His mother often said that this classmate of his had no father, but now, according to this boy, his father would be coming to the meet-the-parents’ session?

 Hah! Surely, it’s a lie .

 Youyou paid the lad no more attention as he disliked talking to him .

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 As such, by the end of the lesson, rumors about him spread to the entire class .

 Lin Feng told everyone else that he came from a single-parent household yet still claimed that his father would be attending the meet-the-parents’ session that afternoon . If that was not a lie, then his indecent mother must have hooked up with a random man outside!

 When these reached the subject’s ears, he immediately confronted him .

 Of course, with the latter’s clumsy speech, he was no match to the former’s sharp tongue . Seeing that he could not outtalk him after a few rounds of argument, he lost his cool and raised his fist at him!

 If the boy was still his past self, there was no way he could win against their class bully, but over the summer vacation, he had picked up some skills from his big brother . With just a few moves, he successfully brought the cocky lad to the ground with bruises all over the latter’s face!

 Although he had gotten hurt, too, it was far less serious than his opponent’s pathetic state .

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 The moment the boy wailed, his entire family was mobilized, rushing over to the school and demanding for an explanation to the matter .

 Mu Yazhe’s face darkened at what he had heard .

 What did they mean by an ill-disciplined b*st*rd?!

 The life of the mother-son pair for the past seven years was unimaginable to him .

 Did his son grow up with such vile insults hurled at him all the time?

 The thought of it was heart-wrenching .

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 It was simply unthinkable how atrocious Lin Feng’s upbringing was for him to say such awful words at the tender age of seven .

 To think that his mother still acted so arrogantly; in the end, that so-called wealth could only groom such a rude child .

 As an adult, he naturally could not make a fuss about this with that young kid .

 The fault lay in his parents for the way they brought him up .

 The man’s eyes gleamed as he snorted derisively . “Son, you did nothing wrong in this case . ”

 He was indubitably expressing his stance to the teacher!

 His son needed not apologize to anyone!

 What fault did his son have for the use of self-defense against someone who had insulted and started a fight with him?!

 His words left the teacher feeling stumped at the awkward situation!

 “Sir, Lin Feng is only seven; it’s only inevitable that he’s a bit haughty and immature since he has a rich background . Besides, the ostracizing of classmates is commonplace in school! It’s negligence on my part for being unable to control the situation; I’ll pay more attention to this in the future! For the sake of your son, though, I hope that you won’t make things too awkward between you and his classmate’s parents! The school is located in a rather opulent district, so affluent parents enroll their children here . Because they aren’t people I can afford to offend, I am careful when treating these young masters and misses and don’t dare to over-discipline them . I have my reasons for saying so!”