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Chapter 1574

It was said that her husband was a high-ranking judge from the Government Affairs Hall .

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 Hence, out of her fondness for Youyou, the teacher naturally tried to prevent him from offending such a rich and powerful family .

 The latter did not buy her words, though . “Ms . Yuan, didn’t you say you’ll deal with this fairly? All I did is tell the truth; do you believe me?”

 Of course, she did!

 A troubled look descended on her face as her gaze shifted between Lin Feng’s mother and the boy, but after much deliberation, she finally sighed in resignation . “I believe you . ”

 A satisfied smile bloomed on his face .

 This teacher is quite upstanding, after all!

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 He liked this trait of hers!

 The teacher’s response made the mother look somewhat bad, though .

 Since she said that she believes this b*st*rd, what have I become? After all the fuss I made earlier, haven’t I become a clown?

 Feeling indignant, the middle-aged woman uttered her threat through clenched teeth . “You must be responsible for your words! How can you so easily believe a child’s words without proof? Don’t believe what he tells you unless you see it for yourself!”

“Did you witness it, then?” retorted the boy .

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 “How interesting . You’re no witness to the incident, so what gives you the right to say such words?”

 “Still, you shouldn’t reduce my son into such a state!” she cried, feeling hysterical; her shout reverberated throughout the office .

 The teacher’s face turned ashen, caught in an awkward spot . The kid’s words obviously rang true . Logically speaking, this matter could be easily settled by having both sides communicate and apologize to each other .

 It was nothing more than a conflict between children . It would not last long and they probably would smilingly make up with each other!

 Alas, this mother was not easy to deal with . She actually had a bigger competitive streak than the kids and demanded for an explanation .

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 How could she ask a kid for an explanation?

 Hence, the teacher neutrally chipped in, “Madam, it’s actually normal for children to get into fights . It’s no big deal at all . Both kids received wounds . From what I know of the situation, it’s indeed exactly what this boy had said . Everyone in class witnessed your son starting the fight—this is indisputable . Youyou is at fault for hurting your kid so badly, but Lin Feng is also in the wrong for starting a fight, so we’ll just resolve this matter by having one apologize to the other!”

 “No way!”

 The woman reproved it . “It can’t be settled just like that! You’re clearly being biased here! I don’t care how you do it, but you must get his father to give me a good explanation today, or else don’t blame me for making things ugly when my husband comes over to the school later!”

 That was clearly a threat .

 She was blatantly threatening the teacher .

 In all honesty, she did not care who was at fault here . All she knew was that her son had gotten hurt and had suffered such a grievance . That was just unacceptable!

 Furthermore, after all that ruckus she had made in the teacher’s lounge earlier, how could she possibly acknowledge her son’s mistake in front of so many people?

 There was no way out for her at all .

 It was impossible for her to apologize, too .

 She, as such, made such a threat .

 Helpless about the situation, the form teacher signaled a colleague for help with her eyes . The latter understandingly got to his feet and led the mother and her other accompanying family members to another office to console them .

 The doors closed, leaving a few teachers in the huge office .

 While Youyou calmly sat on his father’s knees, the latter merely watched the entire farce with a cold and indifferent expression .