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Published at 3rd of July 2020 09:55:21 AM
Chapter 1567

From his silent look, he seemed to have something important to say . His father cocked a brow at that .

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 “What is it?”

 “Well, it’s like this…” The boy crawled under his blanket and smilingly lay on his chest . He then held his father’s face and gave him two pecks on both cheeks before smiling . “My dearest daddy, are you free today?”

 “No . ”

 “Woo…” The boy frowned, feeling aggrieved . “Can’t you take leave?”

 The man pondered on it for a moment . “Well, it’s possible, but it depends on the situation!”

 “Oh . ”

 He could not resist pinching his son’s chubby cheek as he asked with a raised brow, “Stop beating around the bush and just tell it to me straight . ”

 “The school’s holding a meet-the-parents’ session this afternoon, but because mommy’s details weren’t registered upon my enrolment, my teacher couldn’t contact her . She reiterated several times that at least one of my parents must be present during the meeting . ”

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 “Are you unable to make it?”

 Feeling somewhat troubled, the boy added, “Actually, I think that it’s only a formality; there’s no need to attend it . It’s just that mommy used to attend all my meet-the-teacher’s sessions, but due to her current status, she can’t show up there, so I can only ask daddy now . Will you go?”

 “Alright . I’ll go!” The man agreed to it right away . “What time does it start?”

 He cheerfully replied at once, “2 PM!”

 “Alright . I’ll be there on time . ”

 “Okay! I’ll wait in school for you . Do you know where it is?”

 “Yes . ”

 “Mwah! Thanks, daddy!”

 Only then was the boy satisfied . Feeling overjoyed, he kissed his father again .

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 “Well, if you’re attending the session, can you promise me something?”

 “What is it?”

 With a grimace, he answered, “Keep a low profile . ”

 The man was amused by his son’s request .

 “You want me to keep a low profile?”

 “At least, don’t act so ostentatiously by driving any of those expensive luxury cars there . I don’t want my teachers to think that I’m some kind of rich kid . ”

 His answer tickled the man pink . “Ain’t it the truth, though?”

 “Hmph! Even so, I don’t want people gossiping about me . It’s really annoying!”

 His son then smiled . “Go back to sleep, daddy; I’ll call you again later at 8 AM . I’ll go make breakfast first!”

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 “Where’s your brother?”

 “He’s out for his morning run . ”

 These siblings always woke up early in the morning .

 The older one was responsible for walking the dog, whereas the younger one was responsible for making breakfast .

 Their jobs were divided distinctly .

 By the time the man woke up, the little lads were already chauffeured to school .

 It was Friday that day .

 It had been seven days since his woman left for filming .

 Seven more days .

 In total, a fortnight seemed to have passed since he last saw her .

 His chest felt half empty as a result of sleeping alone in the large bed every night .

 He was not used to it .

 Once a person got used to another person’s warmth, he could no longer get used to sleeping alone!

 He had never once felt that sleeping alone was such a lonely thing to do prior to meeting her, but now, each time he returned to a pitch-black room and an empty bed, he found this darkness to be absolutely oppressive .

 Only out of sheer determination did he manage to hold back from calling her first, but alas, the woman did not even send him a text message .

 Was she really so busy that she could not even spare some time to send him a message?