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Published at 3rd of July 2020 09:55:28 AM
Chapter 1565

Qin Zhou sneered at him . “Oh, so does having a tight budget give you the right to be preferential? Lin Zhi and Hua Jin are staying in five-star suites, so why is my artist staying in such a dingy room? What? Are they more privileged since they’re popular? My charge deserves such a treatment; is that so? You come here and take a look at that layer of dust on the bed; will you be able to sleep there yourself?!”

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 With his sharp tongue, he lashed out at that person until the latter’s face was flushed .

 Yun Shishi held back her giggles from the side . Truth be told, the room was not as lousy as he made it seem to be; it was just considered shabbier compared to the main leads’ rooms .

 What her manager could not stand was that some of the production crew flattered the popular artists and bullied the less well-known .

 This was the reason for his ire .

 Not daring to offend the ace manager, that person fawned and offered his apologies to them for the poor treatment . Only after the latter brought the former to the reception and had her room be exchanged for a luxurious suite did this matter get dropped amicably .

 Although her new room could still not be considered luxurious, it was way better than that miserable room from before .

 The artist dragged her luggage inside before she sat on the sofa and sighed .

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 As she got off the plane, she was forced to shuttle between the production team and home as soon without adjusting to the time difference first . Her body was about to cave in from her exhaustion .

 Qin Zhou wandered about the room .

 The man, as a result of his frequent international business trips, was very particular about hotel accommodations .

 As his artist would be staying in this room for a while, he naturally had to inspect the room carefully before leaving .

 Should there be any problems with the water and electricity—e . g . , a short-circuit, it could potentially pose a danger to his artist .

 Also, there were other things, such as the hot water supply, the door lock’s security, hidden cameras stashed at corners, curtains at the balcony, et cetera, to check for .

 A lot of attention was paid to a celebrity’s place of lodging .

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 There was once a case of hidden cameras installed in every part of a female celeb’s hotel room in Hong Kong . It was later found out that they were installed by that country’s paparazzi .

 This was why the man was particularly concerned about his artist’s privacy .

 After ensuring that there were no problems in her bedroom, he walked out and found her already asleep on the sofa .

 The stumped and helpless manager then walked over and lightly patted her face . “Shishi?”


 A soft moan escaped from her, just like the purr of a lazy cat .

 He sighed and pinched her cheek . “Go bathe before you sleep, or else you’ll catch a cold!”

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 The tired woman knitted her brows before opening her eyes . Those bloodshot eyes directed on him gave the man quite a shock .

 She was truly exhausted .

 On top of not getting a good rest on the plane earlier, she was still suffering from a severe bout of jet lag .

 Although he, too, shared the same working hours as her, their body constitutions were different ultimately . Moreover, the man usually worked out and had a strong physique as a corollary . His exhaustion did not cause a heavy toll on his body .

 “Go take a bath and turn in for the night . You don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow morning so you can sleep in a little longer . ”

 “How about tomorrow afternoon?”

 “You’ll have to get your measurements taken for the movie’s custom-made costumes . ”

 Everyone else sans her had already done so . As she joined the team late, she would have to do it alone .

 She nodded in reply . “Noted!”

 After nagging at her for a bit more, her manager left the room .

 She got to her feet and opened her handbag . Realizing that her phone’s battery had gone flat, she went to charge it before heading to the bathroom to take a shower . She realized, afterward, that she had received several missed calls .

 They were all from Mu Yazhe .