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Published at 2nd of July 2020 10:25:08 PM
Chapter 1563: 1563

His younger twin, standing at one side, sniggered . “Mommy, do you really believe this fellow’s words? You may find him looking serious and sincere now as he tells you that, but once I am done preparing dinner, this little piggy will plunder the table!”

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 She gave a chuckle when she heard that .

 The boy in her arms pouted in embarrassment, rebutting, “That’s not true! Am I what you’ve made me out to be? I’m not a little piggy for sure!”

 “Hmph! Piggy!”

 Ignoring him, the younger boy walked up to his mother enthusiastically and lugged the luggage, which was next to her, into the cloakroom . “Mommy, let me unpack your luggage for you; leave it to me!”

 Stunned momentarily, she quickly stopped him . “Youyou, I’m only back home to get a few outercoats!”

 He froze and turned to look at her with some surprise .

 “…Does that mean that you are leaving again tonight?”

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 “Mommy, where are you going?” Little Yichen whined and grumbled when he heard that . “Aren’t you going to stay home?”

 “I have work tonight, so I need to return to the set . I took leave to return home this time . ” The guilt in her eyes was too much to bear .

 Her younger son’s heart twitched in pain for her .

 They finally got to see their mother after waiting for so long, but it was a brief reunion before they must separate again for a long time .

 He started to fret a little .

 This house was spacious and so empty .

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 Every day, only he and his older brother were here, save for those few servants and nannies, who seemed foreign to him .

 His mother had engaged a few nannies to look after them, but this was not how he wanted to be cared for .

 He could take good care of himself .

 He just wanted his mommy .

 Without realizing it, he opened his mouth and almost blurted out, “Don’t work anymore! Let me take care of you, all right?”

 However, these words were caught in his throat, and he did not know how to get them out .

 Taking a deep breath, he dropped his hands helplessly . After lugging the luggage into the cloakroom, he took out the clothes she had brought to Paris from it and replaced them with a few thick, cotton jackets .

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 When she carried her older son into the cloakroom, she saw her younger son packing a few emergency items into the luggage .

 The boy knew that his mother had a weak constitution and would catch a cold easily during winter . As such, besides the warm clothes, he also packed some medication for her .

 He was so attentive that he even put in a pair of knee guards for her .

 He knew she was going to shoot a period drama .

 As winter was approaching, he was worried that her knees might hurt in the cold weather .

 This was a boy who looked after everything for his mother . He was really afraid that his stupid and careless mommy would be so focused on acting that she ignored her health!

 Thus, he made sure that he had her well covered .

 As he packed, he muttered, “Can you take leave from the set?”


 “There’s a meet-the-parents’ session this school term . Can you attend it?”

 Before she could open her mouth, he slapped his forehead out of the blue . “Oops! How can I forget; mommy can’t attend this event . ”

 He looked up and seemed to be stuck for words . Finally, he let out a sigh . “Mommy is a public figure now . Your endorsement posters are all over the streets, but I can tell no one . I can’t tell anyone that the beautiful woman in those posters is my mommy…”

 Her heart swelled in great pain when she heard that .

 For a moment, she almost wanted to give up acting .